Basic Cleaning Products For Home

Human senses always admire neat and tidy places. But neat and clean places require a lot of human efforts. We can minimize our efforts and achieve the best results if we use proper tools. We have selected the most useful products that would help you to maintain a very neat and tidy place.

Grass Broom (फूल झाड़ू)

The grass broom is used to clear fine dust from the floor. It is a very useful item for home cleaning.

Broom Stick (सींक वाली झाड़ू)

The broomstick is very useful to clear dirt and dust from rough surfaces. It has hard and thicker sticks that are good for rough surfaces.

Dustpan (कूड़ा उठाने का पात्र)

The dustpan is a very useful cleaning utensil. It is used in combination with the broom and used to collect dust and dirt.

Bucket (बाल्टी)

The bucket is normally a vertical cylinder with open top and a flat bottom. It is mainly used to store water.

Mug (मग्गा)

The mug is used in combination with bucket to use water in small quantities.

Wiper (पानी पूँछने का उपकरण)

The wiper is used to squeeze extra water from the floor. 

Dusting Cloth (धूल झड़ाई कपडा)

The dusting cloth is also known as tack cloth. It is treated with the tacky material and removes loose dust particles at ease. 

Floor Mop (भूमितल साफ़ करने का उपकरण)

The floor mop is a piece of cloth, a sponge that is attached to a pole. It is used to squeeze loose dust particles from the floor.

Floor Cleaning Detergent (भूमितल सफाई का साबुन)

The floor cleaning detergent is specifically designed for floor cleanliness and hygiene.

Vacuum Cleaner (हवा को खींचकर सफाई करने वाली मशीन)

The vacuum cleaner is a very useful product for cleaning purposes. It causes suction to remove debris and dirt from any object, floor. It provides almost effortless cleaning. 

Floor Cleaning Robot (भूमितल सफाई की कृत्रिम बुद्धि-युक्त यांत्रिक युक्ति)

The floor cleaning robot is also known as a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is specifically designed to clean loose dust, and other small debris from the floor.

Spider Web Cleaning Broom (मकड़ी के जाले झाड़ने की झाड़ू)

The spider web cleaning broom is useful in removing spider web from the ceiling corners. 

Microfiber Duster (सूक्ष्म रेशायुक्त सफाई करने का कपड़ा)

The microfiber duster is a piece of cloth or a small microfiber broom that is used to remove loose dust particles from various types of objects. 

WD-40 Rust Cleaner (डब्लू डी-४० जंग स्वच्छक)

The WD-40 is an industrial cleaning spray that is used to remove rust, moisture, dirt, etc. It helps to loosen, open rusted metal parts.

Water Hose Pipe (जल विस्तारण नलिका)

The water hose pipe is a flexible hollow tube. It carries water from one location to another and is useful to clear or wipe the dirt from the floor.

Dustbin (कूड़ा रखने का पात्र)

The dustbin is a temporary waste collection unit. It helps to maintain hygiene inside the house.

Trash Bag (कचरा रखने का थैला)

The trash bag is mainly used inside the dustbin. It helps to maintain dustbin tidiness, avoid garbage splashes, and easy garbage transfer from the dustbin.