Basic Furniture Items For Bachelors

The bachelors, who live in urban or remote areas without family. They have to manage everything by themselves. Cleaning the apartment, cooking the food, or shopping the stuff is all done by themselves. And they also do jobs, study in some private or government organization. This leads to a fast sometimes hectic lifestyle and messy rooms. Organizing stuff inside messy rooms can create mental pressure by 1° up. But if we take only basic items which are necessary and also serve multiple purposes. It would definitely make a bachelor's life a bit easier. We have prepared a list of basic furniture items that are useful for bachelors. These items would help bachelors in organizing their rooms and live a bit more comfortable life.

All the items listed below can also be easily transported in a small delivery vehicle.

Essential Furniture Items for One Bachelor

Study Chair (1) (अध्ययन कुर्सी)
Study Table (1) (अध्ययन मेज)
Guest Chair (1) (अथिति कुर्सी)
Small Wardrobe (1) (छोटी अलमारी)
Bed (1) (शयन चारपाई)
Laptop/Bed Table (1) (छोटे संगड़क की मेज)

Items that can be part of bachelor's room

Cube Storage (घनाकार पात्रों वाली अलमारी)
Shoe Rack (Small) (जूते रखने की रैक)
Organizer Bag (सामान रखने के थैले)
Laundry Bag (धुलाई वाले कपड़ों को रखने का थैला)
Foldable Box (तहदार पात्र)
Tool Box (उपकरण रखने का पात्र)

Study Chair (अध्ययन कुर्सी)

A study chair is a type of chair designed to use at a desk. It is designed for long sitting comfort.

Study Table (अध्ययन मेज)

A study table is a must-have item for bachelors. It is mainly designed for work purposes but can be used for various other purposes also.

Guest Chair (अथिति कुर्सी)

A guest chair is specifically designed for the guest's comfort. Having a guest chair is helpful in many ways (comfortable talking, maintains social distance, hygiene, etc.).

Small Wardrobe (छोटी अलमारी)

A small wardrobe can help to organize clothing items, bathroom supplies, etc. in one place. It would save space by organizing many items in one place and items would be safer inside it.

Bed (शयन चारपाई)

A bed is a very important item for a bachelor. You live a hard life, you need to take proper rest to deal with the hardness of the next day. So don't compromise with the bed. Make it better. At least it would help you to get proper sleep.

Laptop/Bed Table (छोटे संगड़क की मेज)

The portable laptop table or bed table provides comfort while working on the bed. It helps to maintain the posture of the body while sitting on the bed.

Cube Storage (घनाकार पात्रों वाली अलमारी)

Cube storage is a combination of various cubes. Each cube acts as an independent storage unit. But after combining multiple cubes it can become like a wardrobe. And they are easy to assemble and dismantle.

Shoe Rack (जूते रखने की रैक)

A small show rack is a good item for bachelors. It helps to organize their shoes and boots in one place.

Organizer Bags (सामान रखने के थैले)

Organizer bags are quite handy and useful in organizing messy items such as clothing, bed sheets, blankets, bathroom supplies, etc.

Laundry bag (धुलाई वाले कपड़ों को रखने का थैला)

A laundry bag is helpful in easy access to dirty clothes. It helps to maintain tidiness in rooms.

Foldable Box (तहदार पात्र)

Foldable boxes are helpful in storing extra items. They help to manage various small and medium-size items in one place.

Tool Box (उपकरण रखने का पात्र)

The basic toolbox is very useful for a bachelor. It helps to fix minor things and you don't have to call or wait for mechanics to fix basic issues.