Basic Kitchen Items For Bachelors

Although In a bachelor's life, cooking doesn't require many items. But considering multi-utility items can save space and time. And they would be easier to transport from one place to another. Here we have listed essential items to cover a bachelor's cooking requirements. Most of these items are selected based on Indian sub-continent cooking requirements. These items would definitely help bachelors to save space and time.

Essential Kitchen Items for Bachelor

knifeKnife {चाकू} (2)
Cooking Vessel {भगौना} (1-Small)
Pressure Cooker {कुकर} (1-Small)
Cooking Spatula {पलटा} (1)
Spoon {चम्मच} (2-3)
Fork {काँटा} (2-3)
Plates & Bowls {कटोरी प्लेट्} (2-3)
Cup/Mug {कप} (2-3)
Drinking Glass/Tumbler {गिलास} (2-3)
Spices Container {मसालेदानी-१} (5-10)
Tea Strainer {चाय छन्नी} (1)
Griddle {तवा} (1)
Tongs {चिमटा} (1)
Rolling Board & Pin {चकला-बेलन} (1 Pair)
Gas Cylinder {गैस सिलिंडर} (1-Mini)

Items that can be part of bachelor's kitchen

Small Refrigerator {छोटा फ्रिज} (1)
Water Purifier {जल-शोधक} (1)
Storage Containers {सामान रखने के पात्र}

Knife (चाकू)

A kitchen knife is a cutting tool with one sharp edge. It is used to cut vegetables, fruits, and other eatables.

Peeler (छीलने वाला चाकू)

A peeler knife contains a sharp edge slot. It is used to remove the outer layer of various fruits and vegetables.

Non-Stick Pan (नॉन-स्टिक कढ़ाई)

A non-stick pan is a pan with non-stick coating. It is used to make various recipes. Its non-stick coating helps cooked vegetables to avoid stickiness with the pan. 

Cooking Vessel (भगोना)

A cooking vessel has an open-top. It can be used to boil water, cook rice, lentils, and various other recipes.

Sauce Pan (हत्तेदार भगोना)

A saucepan is a cooking utensil that consists of a metallic bowl and a handle. It can be used to boil milk, make tea, coffee, etc.

Pressure Cooker (प्रेशर कुकर)

A pressure cooker is a sealed cooking vessel. It is used to cook food at high pressure with water or cooking fluids.

Cooking Spatula (पलटा)

A cooking spatula is a broad, flat blade with a handle. It is used to mix the recipe ingredients.

Spoon (चम्मच)

The spoon has a round bowl at one end of its handle. It is used to eat liquid, pieces of food.

Fork (काँटा)

The fork has prongs at its one end. It is used in lifting pieces of food to the mouth.

Plates & Bowls (कटोरी प्लेट्)

The plates and bowls are used for various purposes like to serve cooked meals, to cut the vegetables, to dry spices in sun, etc.

Cup/Mug (कप)

The cup/mug is mostly used to drink tea, coffee, milk, etc. It can be round/square in shape with an open-top and a holding bracket at one side.

Drinking Glass/Tumbler (गिलास)

The drinking glass is mostly used to drink water, milk. It is round in shape with an open-top.

Vegetable Basket (सब्जी रखने की टोकरी)

The vegetable basket is a useful item. It is used to store various types of vegetables in one place.

Fruit Basket (फल रखने की टोकरी)

The fruit basket is useful to store various types of fruits in one place. You can access all your fruits from one place.

Spice Container (मसालेदानी)

The spice container is a very useful item. It can be used to store spice powder or spice wholegrain.

Lentils Container (दाल रखने का पात्र)

The lentils container is used to store wholegrain lentils safely. It protects lentils from moisture, bacterias, etc.

Rice Container (चावल रखने का पात्र)

The rice container is used to store rice safely. It protects rice from moisture, fungus bacterias, etc.

Flour Container (आटा रखने का पात्र)

The flour container is used to store flour safely. It protects flour from moisture, ants, bacterias, etc.

Water Jug (पानी रखने का जग)

The 3-5L water jug is an ideal water storage container for a bachelor.

Tea Strainer (चाय छन्नी)

The tea strainer is used to hold loose tea leaves or grains while pouring the tea into a cup.

Griddle (तवा)

The griddle is used to bake fresh bread or chapati. It is a must-have item in the Indian sub-continent.

Tongs (चिमटा)

The tongs are used to hold hot chapatis/bread, steak on a griddle and helps to bake them from both sides.

Rolling Board & Pin (चकला-बेलन)

The rolling board & pin is used to shape or flatten the dough to make chapatis.

Gas Stove (गैस चूल्हा)

The gas stove is used to provide heat to the utensils to cook food. It burns gas/fuel to generate heat.

Gas Cylinder (गैस सिलिंडर)

The gas cylinder should be bought from a local store. 5kg gas cylinder is an ideal choice for a bachelor.

Dustbin (कूड़ेदान)

The dustbin is used as a temporary waste collection unit. It helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the kitchen.

Trash Bag (कूड़ेदान बैग)

The trash bag is mainly used inside the dustbin. It helps to maintain dustbin tidiness, avoid garbage splashes, and easy garbage transfer from the dustbin.

Chopping Container (सब्जी काटने का यंत्र)

The chopping container is a box with blades at its bottom. It is used to chop onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables at ease.

Dough Maker (आटा गूंदने की मशीन)

A dough maker is a machine. It is used to mix flour and water thoroughly to make a thick paste.

Induction Stove (बिजली का चूल्हा)

An induction stove or cooktop contains a copper coil. It allows direct induction heating, a very rapid change in temperature, and instantaneous temperature changes. It is a very clearer way to cook food.

Coffee Maker (कॉफ़ी बनाने की मशीन)

A coffee maker is a machine that is used to brew the coffee.

Toaster (टोस्ट सेंकने वाला उपकरण)

A toaster is a small electrical appliance. It is used to toast the bread slices with radiant heat.

Pie Iron/Sandwich Maker (सैंडविच सेंकने वाला उपकरण)

A pie iron or sandwich maker is used to heat, toast sandwichs. 

Storage Unit (छोटी अलमारी)

A storage unit can be used to store different kitchen items in one place. 

Small Refrigerator (छोटा फ्रिज)

A small refrigerator can be used to store milk, vegetables, fruits, and other eatables for a longer period of time. 

Water Purifier (जल-शोधक)

It is a container with multiple filters that are used to filter biological contaminants, chemicals, solid particles, etc. from water. It is used to purify impure water and makes it drinkable.

Storage Containers (सामान रखने के पात्र)

The storage containers are useful to store various types of spices, lentils, rice, flour, etc.