Basic Products For Bicycle Repair

Bicycle repair is a practice that is used to repair bicycles. To repair a bicycle, you need some tools and supplies. There are some specific tools used in bicycle repair. Here we have listed all the required tools and other products for bicycle repair.

Allen Keys (एलन चाबियाँ)

Allen keys are also known as hex keys. An Allen key has a solid hexagonal head. It is used to tight or loose screws and bolts (with hexagonal heads).

Screwdriver (पेचकस)

A screwdriver is a long cylindrical rod with a "+" or "-" shaped head. It is used to drive screws.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit (बिना ट्यूब वाले टायर में पंक्चर लगाने वाले उत्पादों का समूह)

This puncture kit contains mainly four items. First is a piercer that is used to make a small hole in the tyre. Second is square-shaped strips that work as a sealant and stops the air from getting out. The third is a rubber strip applier, it is a straight tool with an eye at its front that holds the rubber strip. Forth is a blade that is used to cut out extra rubber strip (coming out of the tyre after fixing the puncture).

Tube Puncture Kit (ट्यूब में पंक्चर लगाने वाले उत्पादों का समूह)

It contains mainly three items. First is a sander, it is an abrasive strip that is used to sand the rubber tube (at the punctured area). The second is flat rubber strips that are used to cover the punctured area. The third is an adhesive that is used to bond the flat rubber strip over the punctured area of the tube.

Spoke Wrench (तान कसने अथवा ढीले करने वाला उपकरण)

A spoke wrench is a ring shaped tool with various openings of different sizes at its outer boundary. It is used to adjust the tension of spokes.

Bicycle Pump (साइकिल के टायरों में हवा भरने वाला पम्प)

A bicycle pump is a tool that is used to inflate bicycle tires. It consists of a long cylinder and a lever. The lever moves inside the cylinder. It pushes the air out of a nozzle by pushing it.

Oil Dispenser (तेल टपकाने वाला पात्र)

An oil dispenser is a closed container with a lever and a dispensing tube. The oil comes out from the dispensing tube after pushing the lever. It helps to lubricate hard-to-reach areas.

Cable Cutter (केबल काटने वाला उपकरण)

A cable cutter is a cutting tool. It has two sharp jaws that are pivoted together. These jaws slide each other and cut the material. It is used to cut break/gear cables in the desired length.

Double Head Wrenches (दो सिर वाले पाने अथवा चाबियाँ)

A double-head wrench is a flat solid rod with nut opening heads at its both ends. These wrenches are used to drive hexagonal nuts.

Brake Rubber (ब्रेकों में लगने वाली रबर)

It is a piece of rubber that is attached over the rim. It creates friction by pulling the brake lever in order to reduce the speed of the moving tyre.

Disc Pad (डिस्क ब्रेक में लगने वाले पैड)

It is a small metal plate with friction material on one side. It is used to create friction to reduce the speed or stop the moving tire.

Saddle Cover (गद्दी का कवर)

It is made of soft foam and provides comfort to the rider.

Water Bottle Holder (पानी की बोतल साइकिल पर टांगने वाला पात्र)

It is a frame of plastic or wire. It can be attached to the bicycle frame and used to hold a water bottle.

Break Levers (ब्रेक लगाने वाले उत्तोलक)

It is a curved metallic lever. It is used to pull the brake cable by closing it towards the handle.

Brake/Gear Cable (ब्रेक/गियर केबल)

It is a metallic wire enclosed inside a cover. It is used to connect the brake lever with the brakes or gear shifter with the gears.

Gear Shifter (गियर बदलने वाला उत्तोलक)

It is a lever that is used to change the gears by moving it forward or backward.

Steel Balls (स्टील की गोलियाँ)

These are small solid steel balls that are used inside the handle, wheel hub, center axel, and pedals. These balls should be changed from time to time.

Lights (प्रकाश युक्तियाँ)

A backlight and a front light are helpful in the night time.

Spoke (तान)

It is a thin solid steel rod. Spokes are used to connect the wheel hub and wheel rim.

Wheel Hub (पहिये की धुरी)

It is the central part of the wheel and connects the wheel with the bicycle frame.

Foot Pedals (पग-चालक)

The foot pedal is a foot-operated lever that is connected with the central axel. It is used to move the bicycle forward.

Handle Grip (हैंडल के ऊपर लगने वाली रबर)

The handle grip can be a cylindrical piece of rubber or a long flat rubber strip. It is used to provide friction and comfort to the human hand.