Basic Products For Fitness-Cardio

Fitness-cardio exercises are low-to-moderate exercises that are used to maintain overall health, weight management, etc. Here, we have listed all the basic products for fitness-cardio.

Mat (चटाई)

It is a long flexible rectangular-shaped object. It is used to lay down and sit on it while doing exercises.

Resistance Band (प्रतिरोध पट्टा)

It is a long flexible strap of rubber. It is used for strength training, physical exercises, etc.

Skipping Rope (रस्सी कूदने वाली रस्सी)

Skipping rope is a simple rope with two handles attached at both ends. It is used for the jumping activity.

AB Wheel (एबी पहिया)

AB wheel is a wheel that consists of two side handles (attached to its axis). It is used for abdominal exercises.

Kettlebells (ठोस, हैंडलयुक्त गोले)

A kettlebell is usually a solid circular rubber/metal object with a handle at its top. It is used for strength training.

Stationary Bicycle (अचल साइकिल)

It is a bicycle without the rear wheel and with a stand. It consists of pedals, a handle, and a saddle. It is used for indoor cycling.

Fitness Shoes (व्यायाम करने के जूते)

These shoes are generally low-ankle shoes with a lacing system. These are used for their soft and lightweight features.

Push-Up Bar (लेटकर दंड-बैठक लगाने के लिए उपयोग होने वाले उपकरण)

A push-up bar is a simple "D" shaped object. It is used as a base for the hand to do the push-ups.

Training Bench (प्रशिक्षण तख्त)

It is a piece of furniture that consists of a soft flat top. It is mainly used for exercises using the dumbbell.

Dumbbell Set (डंबल का समूह)

It is a pair of dumbbells (a small rod with weighted heads). It is used for arm, chest, and shoulder exercises.