Basic Products For Kitchen Hydroponic Garden

The kitchen hydroponic garden is a soilless mini garden. It is used to grow vegetables for salad, sandwiches, and cuisines. Here, we have listed all the basic products required for a kitchen hydroponic garden. 

Water Tank (जलाशय)

A water tank is a closed container with a top lid. It is used to store water for a hydroponic garden.

Water Pump (पानी का पम्प)

It is a device with a sealed electric motor coupled with a circular fan. It is used to lift water (vertically) from the water tank.

Pipes (नलिकाएँ)

A pipe is generally a hollow circular or square tube. A 4-inch pipe is ideal for a hydroponic garden. This pipe is used to hold grow pots and to circulate water.

Grow Pots (पौधे उगाने के पात्र)

A grow pot is a plastic pot (appx. 2-inch in diameter). It is circular or square in shape. It consists of multiple open windows for water crossing.

Liquid Fertilizer (तरल उर्वरक)

Liquid fertilizer is generally liquid NPK fertilizer. It is an industrial fertilizer, made by reactions and combinations of inorganic substances. You can also explore "Common types of fertilizer".

Grow Lights (पौधे उगाने की प्रकाश युक्ति)

A grow light is used to provide a light spectrum to grow plants. A grow light mimics the sunlight.

Pipe End Caps (नलिका के द्वार बंद करने वाले ढक्क्न)

A pipe end cap is a circular or square-shaped plastic cover. It is used to seal the open ends of pipes.

Cocopeat (नारियल के पेड़ की छाल)

It is mostly made of coconut bark (the outer layer of a coconut tree or fruit). It is used to grow plants or in the germination of seeds. It provides a base to the plant roots.

Electronic Timer (समयानुसार कार्यप्रणाली-नियंत्रक युक्ति)

An electronic timer is used to control the flow of water or administer the amount of water.

Fly-Ash Pebbles (राख से बने पत्थर)

Fly-ash pebbles are made of fly ash and water compressed together at around 20-30Mpa. These are used in grow pots to hold plants.

PH-Meter (पी.एच. नापने वाला उपकरण)

A PH-meter is an instrument. It is used to test the acidity or alkalinity present in the water.

Seed Germination Cubes (बीज उगाने वाली घनाकार द्रव्य-अवशोषक ईंट)

It is made of spongy material. It consists of a hole in the middle to hold seeds. It is used to germinate seeds. Once the seed is germinated then the pant is transferred to grow pots.