Basic Products For Roller Skating Sport

Roller skating sport is a form of activity and it requires a pair of roller skates (shoes on top of wheels). It is also a form of transportation generally used by bachelors. Here, we have listed all the basic products for roller skating sport.

Roller Skates (पहिए वाले जूते)

Roller skates are a pair of shoes or sandals that consists of wheels (attached to their outsoles). These are used for transportation activities.

Helmet (सुरक्षा टोप)

A helmet is a strong impact-resistant protective wear for the head. It is used to protect the head from road accidents.

Padded Shorts (गद्दीदार आधी पतलून)

Padded shorts are half pants (usually covers below thighs) with cushioned pads. These are used as a safety guard for the thighs and hips while roller skating on the road.

Knee pads (घुटना सुरक्षा कवच)

Knee pads are a pair of strong protective covers for the knees. These are used to protect the knees from accidental injuries.

Gloves (दस्ताने)

Roller skating gloves usually consist of cushioned or strong plastic pieces that protect the hands from abrasion and impacts of accidents.

Elbow Pads (कोहनी सुरक्षा कवच)

Elbow pads are a pair of protective pads that are used to protect the elbow from accidental injuries.

Mouthguard (मुँख सुरक्षा कवच)

It is a strong impact-resistant object. It is used to protect the teeth and gums from road accidents.

Water Bag (कमर पर टाँगने वाला पानी का थैला)

It is a backpack with a water reservoir. It is used to carry water and rehydrate the body while roller skating on the road.