Basic Products For Shoe Repair

Shoe repair is a practice that is used to repair wear and tear of shoes. It helps to restore the original shape and shine of the shoe. To repair or restore shoes, you need some tools that are specifically designed for shoe repair. Here you can find all the products and tools that are required for shoe repair.

Measuring Tape (नापने का फीता)

It is a flexible strap with markings on it. It is used to measure or mark the length of the leather workpiece.

Pencil (तुलिका)

It is a straight wooden piece with graphite led enclosed inside it. It is used to mark on the leather workpieces.

Eraser (तुलिका चिह्न मिटाने वाली रबर)

It is a piece of rubber that is used to erase pencil markings.

Shoe Tree (जूते के अंदर फँसाने वाला ढाँचा)

It is a piece of wooden or plastic block that is placed inside a shoe to maintain its shape.

Lasts (जूते के आकार का लकड़ी का ढाँचा)

It is a piece of a wooden block in the shape of a human foot. It is then transformed into a particular foot shape by sanding and filing its surface. Then it is used to repair or make shoes.

Cutting Knife (काटने वाला चाकू)

It is a straight tool with a cutting blade at its front. It is used to cut the leather workpiece in desired shapes or sizes.

Cutting Matt (काटने के लिए उपयोग होने वाला मैट)

It is a flat piece of self-healing material. It is used as a surface to place the workpiece on top of it for cutting.

Scissor (कैंची)

The scissor has two pivoted sharp edge jaws. These jaws can slide against each other by closing their handles.

Scratch Awl (खरोंच लगाने वाला उपकरण)

It is a long cylindrical rod with a pointed tip at its frontend and a round handle at its back. It is used to mark on the leather.

Sewing Awl (सिलाई करने वाला उपकरण)

The sewing awl is used to stitch in the leather workpieces. It can be a long pointed tip awl or with an eye (for thread) at their tip.

Needles (सुई)

A needle is a straight cylindrical rod with a pointed tip at its frontend and an eye (a hole) at its backend.

Hole Punch (छेद करने वाला उपकरण)

It is a straight metallic rod with a sharp rounded edge at its frontend. It is used in combination with a hammer to make holes in the leather workpieces.

Nylon Thread (नायलॉन का धागा)

It is a strong synthetic thread that is used for stitching the leather workpieces.

Leather (चमड़ा)

Leather is made of animal skin. It is a durable and flexible material for shoemaking and repair.

Cement (चमड़ा चिपकाने वाला सीमेंट)

Cement works as glue to bind two separate workpieces together.

Strong Adhesive (गोंद)

It is a semi-solid, semi-liquid material. It is used to bind two workpieces together.

Plier (प्लास)

A plier has two pivoted jaws that close together by closing their handles. It is used to hold workpieces, nails, etc.

Hammer (हथौड़ा)

It has a long handle and a weighted block that are attached together. It is used to impact something (such as nails).

Nails (कीलें)

It is usually a thin cylindrical rod with a pointed tip and a round, wide head. It is generally used to bind the pieces of leather, wood and metal together.

Pincers (कील निकालने वाला प्लास)

A pincer is a plier with "C" shaped jaws. It is used to remove nails, outsoles, etc.

Bee Wax (मोम)

It is an organic compound. It is used to dip awl's tip or applied on nylon thread to make the stitching in leather easier.

Shoe Stand (जूतों का स्टैंड)

It is used to hold the shoes in a downside-up direction to repair its outsole.

Cardboard (गत्ता)

Cardboard is generally made of paper but it has a greater thickness and it is more durable than paper. It is used to make patterns and to place them on the leather.

Eyelets (छल्ले)

It is a strip in a ring shape. It is used to insert in the hole (at the vamp of the shoe), made for shoe laces.

Eyelet Setter (छल्ले लगाने वाला उपकरण)

It is a tool that is used to fix eyelets in place.

Curved Needles (घुमावदार सुईयाँ)

A curved needle is a thin cylindrical rod in a curved shape. It has a pointed tip and an eye (for thread). It is used to stitch the workpieces.

Shanks (पैतावे तथा बाहरी सोल के बीच लगने वाली पट्टी)

It is a long thin strip that is used between the insole and outsole. It is used to provide support for the middle of the foot.

Edging Tool (किनारी काटने वाला उपकरण)

It is a straight tool with a wide flat sharp edge. It is used to clean outsole edges.

Leather Dye (चमड़ा रंगने वाला रंग)

It is a solution of water and color pigments. It is used to color leather workpieces.

Pre-Made Soles (बने-बनाये पैतावे)

These are factory-made insoles and outsoles of different sizes. These are meant to be used in shoemaking or repair.

Sewing Machine (जूते सिलाई करने वाली मशीन)

It can be a manual machine or an electric machine. It is used to sew shoe outsole and shoe body together.