Basic Products For Swimming Sport

Swimming sport is played by an individual or a team in swimming pools or open waters by moving the body through the water. Here, we have listed all the basic products for swimming sport.

Swimsuit (तैराकी वेषभूषा)

A swimsuit is a garment usually made of latex or nylon. It is used for water-based activities.

Kickboard (पदघात पट्ट)

A kickboard is generally a flat piece of foam or plastic. It is used by swimmers to hold with their hands in front and use only their legs to travel through the water.

Goggles (चश्मा)

Swimming goggles are generally two-eye covers with an elastic band. These are used to cover the eyes and help swimmers see clearly in the water.

Pull Buoy (जाँघों के बीच दबाकर तैरने वाला प्रशिक्षण उपकरण)

A pull buoy is a block of foam or plastic. It is used to hold in between the thighs. This helps to increase the strength of the upper legs and hips.

Swimming Cap (तैराकी टोपी)

A swimming cap is a headwear usually made of nylon and latex. It is used by the swimmers to cover their hair which helps in the increase of aerodynamics.

Towel (तौलिया)

A towel is a long rectangular piece of soft fabric. It is used to wipe and absorb the water from the body after swimming.

Fins (तैराकी पंख)

Swimfins are finlike objects generally made of rubber, latex, plastic, etc. These are worn on the feet and help swimmers kick better in the water.

Paddles (तैरते समय हाथ की स्थिति को सही करने में उपयोगी उपकरण)

Swim paddles are usually made of plastic or rubber. These are worn on the hands and help swimmers to increase their arm strokes.

Nose Clip (नाक बंद करने वाली चिमटी)

A nose clip is a spring-loaded or tension-based clip. It is used to block nostrils and keep the water out of the nose while swimming.

Ear Plugs (कानों में लगाये जाने वाले डाट)

Earplugs are small plugs usually made of latex or silicon. These can fit inside the ears and keep the water out of the ears while swimming.

Lap Counter (तैराकी गतिविधि का समय पंजीकृत करने वाला उपकरण)

The lap counter is a handheld device. It is used to record the time between the start and finish of swimming activities.

Ring (गोलाकार जीवनरक्षा चक्र)

A swim ring is an inflatable rubber or latex ring. It is used in case of emergency and helps a person to float in the water.

Starter Block (तैराकी दौड़ पटल)

It is a solid block usually made of hard materials. It is placed at the boundary of the swimming pool and used as a surface to dive off into the water.

Mask (आँख व् नाक ढकने वाला आवरण)

It is usually a solid piece of transparent plastic. It is used to cover the eyes and nose to keep the water out from the eyes and nose which helps in mobility.

Life Jacket (जीवनरक्षा जाखट)

A life jacket is a vest (an upper-body garment) usually made of buoyant materials. It helps a person to float in the water.

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल)

A water bottle is a small water reservoir. It is used to store water and rehydrate the body after swimming.