Basic Products For Walking Sport

Walking is a motion of legs. Walking sport is a practice that is used to maintain overall health by covering long distances at a normal speed. Here, we have listed all the basic products for walking sport.

Walking Shoes (पैदल चलने के जूते)

Walking shoes are usually low-ankle slip-on shoes that consist of very few threads on their outsoles. These are lightweight and comfortable shoes that are used to go for a long walk.

Self-Defense Stick (आत्म-रक्षा डंडा)

It is generally a height-adjustable cylindrical rod. It is used to defend ourselves from street dogs, monkeys, and other animals.

Umbrella (छाता)

An umbrella is a fabric canopy that is attached with the metal ribs and a straight pole. It provides shelter in the rain and helps us to keep walking.

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल)

A water bottle is a hollow cylindrical object with a detachable top lid. It is used to store and carry water.

Bottle Carrier Belt (पानी की बोतल कमर पर टाँगने वाली बेल्ट)

It is an adjustable piece of strap that consists of a water bottle pouch. It is used to carry water bottle at ease.

Water Bag (कमर पर टाँगने वाला पानी का थैला)

It is a type of backpack that consists of a water reservoir. It is used to carry water at the back while walking.

Mobile Armband (मोबाइल को हाथ पर टाँगने वाला पट्टा)

It is a piece of an elastic strap that consists of a mobile phone pouch. It can be tied around the biceps. It is used to carry a mobile phone while walking.

Earphone (कानों में लगायी जाने वाली धवनिप्रसारण युक्ति)

It consists of two earbuds that are generally attached with a cable. It is used to transmit voice signals from a mobile phone to the ears.

Flashlight (प्रकाश युक्ति)

It is a handheld source of light. It is a useful tool while going for a walk in the early morning or in the wild area.