Bathroom Supply Items

We all start our day by brushing our teeth, taking a refreshing bath to maintain good personal hygiene. But if we use cheap and non-reliable products than it is equally likely giving a chance to the bacterias to replenish their ecosystem. The first step to being hygienic is keeping your bathroom neat and clean. You need proper bathroom supplies to maintain a neat and clean bathroom. We have listed all the essential items down below for bathroom inventory and personal hygiene.   

Items that can be part of Bathroom Supplies

Bathroom Floor Cleaner (स्नानघर के फर्श को साफ़ करने वाला साबुन)

The bathroom floor cleaner is used to clean stains, dirt from the bathroom floor, tiles. Some bathroom cleaners also provide protection against infectious bacterias.

Toilet Paper (मलद्वार साफ़ करने वाला कागज)

The toilet paper is primarily used to clean anus, bodily fluid releases. It is a very light tissue paper that can absorb moisture instantly.

Toilet Cleaner (मलपात्र साफ़ करने वाला तरल)

The toilet cleaner is used to clean the toilet surface. It also cleans the satins on the toilet surface and maintains high-level hygiene.

Toilet Cleaning Brush (मलपात्र साफ़ करने वाली कूंची)

The toilet cleaning brush is helpful in cleaning the toilet surface. It works as a scrubber to scrub the surface and helps to get rid of hard stains.

Detergent (कपड़े धोने का चूर्ण)

The detergent is can be in liquid form or in powder form. It is used to clean dirty clothes. 

Winter Wear Detergent (गर्म कपडे धोने का तरल)

It is usually a mild detergent used to clean silk, woolen, or soft fabric dirty clothes. 

Detergent Bar (कपड़े धोने वाला साबुन)

The detergent bar is used to clean dirty clothes. It has an advantage over detergent powder that we don't have to soak the clothes, we can rub the bar over the dirty areas and can use a brush to rub them.

Cloth Cleaning Brush (कपड़े धोने वाली कूंची)

The cloth cleaning brush is a necessary tool if you have to wash your clothes manually. 

Bath Soap Bar (स्नान के लिए उपयोग होने वाला साबुन)

Bath Soap Bar is a bathing soap used to clean the surface of the skin thoroughly. It helps us to maintain high-level hygiene throughout the day after taking a bath.

Handwash (हाथ साफ़ करने वाला तरल)

Hand wash is a liquid soap used to clean hands. It kills most of the bacterias on our hands and provides great hygiene.

Facewash (मुँह धोने वाला साबुन)

The facewash is a liquid face cleaning soap. It helps to clean the face skin deeply. This is a basic item for face skin care.

Toothpaste (मंजन)

The toothpaste is used to clean teeth to maintain oral hygiene.

Hair Oil (बालों में लगाया जाने वाला तेल)

The hair oil provides nourishment to hair. It helps hair to stay strong and scalp dandruff free.

Shaving Cream (दाढ़ी काटने के लिए उपयोग होने वाली क्रीम)

The shaving cream helps to soften the hair by lubricating them. It provides a smooth way to shave the hair.

Shaving Foam (दाढ़ी काटने के लिए उपयोग होने वाला फोम)

The shaving foam helps to moisturize the skin and provides smoothness to shave the hair. It also has an advantage over shaving cream that you don't need a shaving brush.

Shaving Blade (उस्तरे के ब्लेड)

The shaving blades are cartridges for razors that are reusable razors.

Bath Towel (तौलिया)

The bath towel is used to absorb water after taking a bath. It helps our body to dry quicker. Cotton towels are the most preferable towels around the globe. 

Tooth Brush (दंत कूंची)

The toothbrush is used to clean teeth, gums, tongue to maintain oral hygiene. 

Back Cleaning Brush (कमर साफ़ करने वाली कूंची)

The back cleaning brush is helpful to clean the back completely, even if some portion is out of our hands to reach. 

Loofah (त्वचा की सफाई करने के लिए उपयोग होने वाली जाली)

The loofah is helpful to clean the skin surface deeply. It works as a scrubber and removes all the dead skin.

Liquid Body Soap (स्नान करने का तरल साबुन)

The liquid body soap is liquid soap used to cleanse the skin. It contains mild surfactants.

Ear Cleaning Buds (कान साफ़ करने की डंडियाँ)

The ear cleaning buds are a very useful item to clean dirt and wax from inside ears. They are made with soft cotton which is helpful in absorbing dirt, wax, or moisture inside ears.

Body Lotion (त्वचा को नम करने वाली क्रीम)

The body lotion helps your skin to be hydrated, moisturized in harsh summer or winter.

Hair Conditioner (बालों में लगाया जाने वाला अनुकूलक तरल)

The hair conditioner helps hair to look elegant, feels smooth. It reduces friction between strands of hair which helps to comb them smoothly.

Hair Color (Dye) (बालों को रंगने वाले रंग)

Hair color or hair dye is used to change the natural hair color. 

Facial Kit (चेहरे की त्वचा को निखारने के लिए उपयोग होने वाली क्रीम)

The facial kit is normally used to gain the desired glow on the skin. It exfoliates, moisturizes, cleans the skin to look healthy and glowing.

Sanitary Napkin (मासिक धर्म में उपयोग होने वाले जाँघिया रुमाल)

The sanitary napkin also known as a sanitary pad, the menstrual pad is used to absorb bodily fluid releases. It is a necessary item for women these days. 

Tissue Paper (हल्का, तरल सोखने वाला कागज)

The tissue paper is made from paper pulp. It can be used for many purposes. Its main property is to absorb moisture either from skin or from any object. 

Mouthwash (मुख साफ़ करने वाला तरल)

The mouthwash helps to maintain oral hygiene. It helps to prevent bad breath, cavities.  

Floss (दाँतों के बीच सफाई करने वाला धागा)

The floss is a type of string used to clear the food particles stuck in the teeth gap.  

Toothpick (दाँतों के बीच सफाई करने वाली डंडियाँ)

The toothpick is a mini stick with one sharp end. It is used to clear the food particles stuck in the teeth gap. It also has an advantage over floss that it can be used as a fruit pick. 

Shaving Brush (दाढ़ी काटने में उपयोग होने वाली कूंची)

A shaving brush is used to apply and rub the shaving cream all over the area we would like to shave. 

Aftershave (दाढ़ी काटने के बाद गालों पर लगाया जाने वाला तरल)

The aftershave can be a lotion or in liquid form. It is used to apply after shaving to stop blade irritation, minor blood leakage in cuts (if any). 

Plunger (मलपात्र अवरोध को साफ़ करने में उपयोग होने वाला यंत्र)

A plunger is a tool with rubber cap at its one end. It is used to clear the blockage in the drainage pipes, toilets.

Wiper (सतह से पानी साफ़ करने वाला यंत्र)

A wiper is a hand-held tool used to clean extra water from the surface of the floor, slab, sink, tiles, etc.