In this section scarves and mufflers are listed for men's summer and winter needs. Scarves can be utilized in many ways such as neckwear, headwear, on two-wheelers, etc. All the listed products are value for money, good quality, and from authentic sellers.

Summer Section

SHOWERSMILE Green Cotton Linen Men Scarves

Cotton, Linen
Size: 190 x 190cm, Casual Wear

Aimee Unisex Decent Navy Blue Stripe Viscose Scarf

100% Viscose
Size: 100 x 180cm, Wear casually or formally

SHOWERSMILE Blue Plaid Men Scarf

Size: 180 x 70cm, Soft fabric

Craftshub Arafat Desert Scarf

100% Cotton
Size: 100 x 100cm, Casual, Fashion Wear

SHOWERSMILE Men Scarf Letter Print

Size: 195 x 65cm, Wear casually or formally

Autofy Unisex Army Man Camouflage Print Lycra Headwrap Bandana

100% Premium polyester
head wrap, bandana, scarf, beanie, headband, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler, neck wrap or neck gaiter, dust screen or hairband

Unisex Men Women Ombre Shawl Scarf

Size: 190 x 80cm, Soft and fashionable Casual Wear scarf

British Style Plaid Men Scarf

Size: 180 x 100cm, Wear casually or formally

Aimee Unisex Black Panther Cotton Viscose Scarf

30% Cotton, 70% Viscose
Size: 90*180 cms
Wear casually or formally & looks fine with every outfit.

Tactical Summer Tube Camo Men Scarf

Soft fabric, Tactical scarf

AIMEE Unisex Viscose Scarf

100% Viscose
Size: 180 x 70cm, Wear casually or formally, Looks great with every outfit

Winter Section

Striped Scarves Business gentleman,Cashmere Scarf

Size: 30 x 180cm, Warm and soft scarf

513 Men's Striped Muffler

Acrylic wool blend
knitted winter soft and warm muffler, Soft fabric, Warm and cozy scarf

Winter Men's Plaid Cashmere Scarf

Size: 30 x 180cm, Warm and cozy scarf

AlexVyan Fashions Black 1 Pcs Double Sided Mufflers Scarf Cum Stoles

Multi-colored patterns, Warm and soft scarf

Winter Multicolor Patchwork Vintage Men Knitted Scarf

100 % Acrylic
Size: 32 x 185cm, Soft fabric, Warm and cozy scarf

Pashtush Mens Embroidery Fine Wool Shawl

Shawl With Sozni Embroidery Needlework
Warm and cozy scarf

New Europe Fashion Shawl Scarves

Size: 135 x 175cm, Warm and soft scarf

Fashion design casual scarves

Cashmere, Wool, Silk, Viscose
Size: 30 x 180cm, Warm and soft scarf

BRANDONN FASHIONS Designer Woolen Mens Woolen Mufflers

Acrylic Soft And Fluffy Wool
Woolen Muffler, Warm and soft scarf

Men Scarf Unisex Thick Warm Winter Scarves

Size: 200 x 70cm, Warm and soft scarf

513 Stripes knitted multi coloured winter soft and warm men's muffler

Acrylic wool blend
Strip design, Warm and soft scarf

Magic Headband Winter Fleece Neck Warmer

Wool, Polyester
Warm and soft neck scarf