Products for Solo-Bushcraft-Camping

Bushcraft Camping is a bit more engaging with nature. You go in the jungle, collect the woods, start the fire, cook your meal and sleep on the ground (under a tent). You may have your own meal or go fishing or hunting. You stay there for a while and experience the nature in its raw form. You may encounter wild animals during your stay, so you need to be a bit more prepared. Bushcraft camping is for hard-core nature lovers, wildlife photographers. Essential items are listed below which can make solo bushcraft easier and comfortable.

Essential Items for Your Camping Kit

tentTent (Double Layer) (तम्बू)
ponchoPoncho and Rain Paint (बरसाती)
clothingClothing (as per season) (शरीर पर पहनने वाले कपडे, मौसम के अनुसार)
utensilsUtensils (बर्तन)
wood sawWood Saw (आरी)

Rucksack Bag (यात्रा के लिए उपयोग होने वाला थैला)

A rucksack bag is a large bag that is used to store all the camping gears for solo bushcraft camping.

Sleeping Bag (सोने के लिए उपयोग किया जाने वाला थैला)

A sleeping bag is a warm body cover that is used to get warmth during cold nights.  

Tent (तम्बू)

A tent provides shelter from rain, wind, and storm. 

Mattress (पतला गद्दा)

A mattress is a pad that is used to sit or sleep inside/outside the tent.

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल ७५० मिलीलीटर)

The water bottle is used to carry water. It helps us to rehydrate our bodies. 750ml water bottle is an ideal one for every sport.

Water Bag (पानी रखने का थैला ५ लीटर)

The water bag is used to store a large amount of water appx. 5 liter. It can be used for cooking, washing, cleaning the body, etc.

Medical Kit (दवाईयों के समूह का थैला)

The medical kit is a bag that can store all the necessary medicines in one place. In case of minor injuries, headaches, diarrhea, this medical kit would be your first aid to overcome these challenges. 

Toiletry Kit (स्नान करने के सामान रखने का थैला)

The toiletry kit is a travel pouch/bag that is used to store toiletry items. For toiletry items check out articles on men's toiletry kit and women's toiletry kit.

Poncho and Rain Paint (बरसाती)

The poncho and rain paint is used to protect us from getting wet in the rain.  

Rain Cover for Rucksack (यात्रा करने वाले थैले की बरसाती)

The Rain cover protects the rucksack bag from water splashes, dust, rain, and keeps our gears dry.

Bushcraft Boots (जंगल में उपयोग होने वाले जूते, जूत)

The bushcraft boots are sturdy and tuff boots. They can withstand wild vegetation at ease. Check out our men's boots and women's boots catalog for bushcraft boots.

Clothing (शरीर पर पहनने वाले कपडे, मौसम के अनुसार)

Clothing can depend on the season but some basic clothing items can be T-shirts (2), Shirts (2), Bushcraft pants (2), Fleece cap (1), Fleece Gloves (1-Pair), Warm base layer (1-Pair),  Warm Fleece Top (2-7°C), Down Jacket (-5 to -10°C). This clothing is enough for 5-10 days of bushcraft. Check out Men's clothing, Women's clothing, and "Clothing items for camping". 

Cookware Set (खाना बनाने के उपकरणों का समूह)

The cookware set is a set of cooking utensils. It is used to cook food, boil water.

Utensils (बर्तन)

Utensils are helpful in cooking or eating food. A fork and spoon are enough for one person to eat soup, meals, etc.

Food Supply (Ready to Eat) (डिब्बाबंद तैयार खाना)

Ready to eat meals are pre-cooked meals that can be eaten directly from the containers. You can also use OATS, SATTU, Knorr Soup, etc as ready to eat meals.

Swiss Army Knife (बहुआयामी चाकू, कैंची, आरी, इत्यादि का समूह)

The Swiss Army Knife is a combination of many tools such as a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, food can opener, scissor, etc. This provides a tactical advantage in the jungle.

Head Lamp (सर पर लगाई जाने वाली प्रकाश करने वाली युक्ति)

The Head-Lamp is a light that can be placed around the head. It is a helpful item to look around the things in the night. 

Fire Starter (आग जलाने वाला उपकरण)

The fire starter is used to generate a spark by rubbing two metallic rods. The spark then used to start the fire. 

Wood Axe (कुल्हाड़ी)

The wood axe consists of a handle and a sharp weighted head. It is used to cut wood, tree branches, etc.

Wood Saw (आरी)

The wood saw is used to cut tree branches, wooden logs, etc.

Trekking Stick (पहाड़ी रास्तों पर काम आने वाली छड़ी)

The trekking stick is a helpful item to get some extra support while trekking, hiking in the mountains. 

Hiking Knife (पर्वतारोहण वाला चाकू)

The hiking knife is also known as a jungle knife. It is used to cut small tree branches, meat, and also helps in self-defense.

Fishing Cord

If you are going for a bushcraft camping near a water source like a river, pond or lake and you would like to cook fish for your meal, then the fishing cord would be a helpful tool to catch the fish from the river, lake or ponds. 

Down Slippers (गर्म चप्पल)

Down slippers consist of synthetic or duck-down feathers. These are warm slippers that provide comfort and warmth to tired feet.
Recommended brands: The North Face, Rab, Columbia, Marmot

Note: Your backpack weight with all the necessary items should not exceed 18 kg for a comfortable hiking, trekking, camping experience!