Products to build a laptop kit

A laptop kit is a bag that can be used to store items such as charging cable, external hard disk, laptop cleaner kit, data cables, earphones, mouse, Pan drives, memory cards, etc. It's a useful kit that can hold all the necessary items you need while you work on your laptop or on desktop. 

Essential Items for Your Laptop Kit

laptop kit Laptop Kit (छोटे संगड़क का सामान रखने का थैला)
Hard Disk (सूचना जमा करने वाली युक्ति)
Wireless Mouse (तार रहित माउस)
   Mouse Pad (माउस के नीचे रखने का टुकड़ा)
Pan Drive (सूचना जमा करने वाली छोटी युक्ति)
Cleaning Kit (सफाई करने के उपकरणों का समूह)

Items that can be part of your laptop kit

  EarPhone (कान में लगाए जाने वाली युक्ति)
  Multi Headphone Splitter (कानों तक स्वर पहुंचाने वाली विभिन्न युक्तियों को जोड़ने वाला)
  Phone Charging Cable (फ़ोन में ऊर्जा भारित करने वाला तार)
  Male to Female Ext. Cable (विभिन्न युक्तियों के तार की लम्बाई बढ़ने वाला तार)
  3.5 mm Male to Male Cable (3.5 मिलीमीटर का विभिन्न युक्तियों को जोड़ने वाला तार)
  Power Bank (ऊर्जा संग्रहण व् प्रदान करने वाली युक्ति)

Laptop Kit Organiser Bag (छोटे संगड़क का सामान रखने का थैला)

A laptop kit organizer bag is used to put all your necessary laptop accessories in one place. It helps you to organize your most necessary items related to your laptop.

External Hard disk (सूचना जमा करने वाली युक्ति)

An external hard disk is used to store data. It can be used as a backup storage device of your data items such as movies, music, word files, etc.

Wireless mouse (तार रहित माउस)

Wireless mouse plays an important role in software development and even for normal users. It makes you feel comfortable while you move your cursor from place to place.

Pan drives (सूचना जमा करने वाली छोटी युक्ति)

Pan drive is useful when you need to transfer some files or data (in a small amount) from one system to another.

Mouse Pad (माउस के नीचे रखने का टुकड़ा)

Mouse pad is ideal for gamers, graphic designers, software developers or anyone who uses a mouse for long sessions.

Laptop cleaner kit (सफाई करने के उपकरणों का समूह)

A laptop cleaner kit is used to clean the screen from dust and stains. Choosing the right cleaner is most important to protect the screen from a chemical reaction.

Earphones (कान में लगाए जाने वाली युक्ति)

Earphones are great either we talk about movie watching, music or conference calls on a mobile, laptop.

USB Charging Cable for Android Phones (फ़ोन में ऊर्जा भारित करने वाला तार)

Micro USB charging cable for android phones. Ideal for charging Android phones and tablets or connecting pc peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more.

USB 3.0 EXTENSION CABLE - A-MALE TO A-FEMALE (3.5 मिलीमीटर का विभिन्न युक्तियों को जोड़ने वाला तार)

A Female high-speed extension cable. Extends your USB connection to your computer; for use with printers, cameras, mice, keyboards and other USB computer peripherals.

Power Bank (ऊर्जा संग्रहण व् प्रदान करने वाली युक्ति)

Power banks are used to charge not just mobiles but tablets, BT speakers, earphones, headsets, fitness bands, etc.

Laptop kit organises your gadgets, power Bank, cables, USB pen drives, mobile phone accessories, memory cards, sim cards, DSLR digital camera accessories, small electronics etc.. It can be also be used as a travelling kit. You won't need to find all your laptop accessories in different places because you already have them in one place, in your organiser kit.  

Uses of Laptop Kit :

  • Organises many items in one place
  • Makes travelling easy and hectic free
  • Finding items is easy
  • Reduces the burden of packing and unpacking different items
  • Saves space, which is a major benefit for bachelors  

So if you are looking for solutions to minimise your packing unpacking time during travelling. Building a laptop kit is a good choice.