Basic Products For Hair Removal

Hair removal is a method that is used to remove body hair. There are various types of cosmetic products, electrical appliances, and therapies that are used to remove unwanted body hair. We have listed all the essential and effective hair removal products down below. These products would definitely help you to achieve the desired results.

Razor (उस्तरा)

A razor consists of sharp edge blades that are attached to a handle. It is used to cut the body hair from the skin surface.

Shaving Foam (बालों पर लगाने वाला फोम)

The shaving foam is a type of soap in foam form. It is applied to the hair in order to hydrate and soften them.

Waxing Strips (शरीर के बाल उखाड़ने वाली पट्टियाँ)

A waxing strip is a piece of cloth or paper with adhesive and oil on one side. It is used to pull out the unwanted hair from their roots. This is the most effective and cheap hair removal method.

Hair Removal Cream (शरीर के बाल साफ़ करने वाली लेई)

The hair removal cream is a semi-solid mixture of moisturizing and hair depilation agents. It removes hair from the skin surface and provides a soft and soothing experience. This method is better than shaving and waxing.

Body Trimmer (शरीर के बाल काटने की मशीन)

A body trimmer is an electrical appliance with a haircutting head. It trims or cuts the body hair above the skin surface, at different length settings.

Epilator (शरीर के बाल उखाड़ने वाली मशीन)

An epilator is an electrical appliance with a hair-pulling head. It pulls the body hair out from its roots.

Body Shaver (शरीर के बाल काटने वाला विधुत संचालित उस्तरा)

A body shaver is an electrical appliance with a shaving head. It shaves off the body hair from the skin surface. This is mostly used to shave thicker hair.

Laser Hair Removal (लेजर स्पंद द्वारा शरीर के बाल साफ़ करने वाली मशीन)

Laser hair removal is a method to remove body hair. It uses pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicles. This hair removal method is more than 95% permanent hair removal method.