Basic Products For Makeup

The makeup is a process in which cosmetic products are applied to facial skin to change a person's appearance. The makeup is mainly used by the people of theatre, film, fashion, or TV Channels. Here you can find all the essential products that are used for makeup.

Foundation (चेहरे की त्वचा का रंग समरूप करने वाले उत्पाद)

The foundation products are applied to create a uniform complexion of the skin. The foundation also helps other makeup products to stay longer on the skin.

Blush (गालों की त्वचा लालिमय करने वाले उत्पाद)

The blush products are applied to cheeks and lips in order to color them with various shades. The blush is mainly applied to the cheeks to get temporary redness.

Highlighter (त्वचा की चमक बढ़ाने वाले उत्पाद)

A highlighter is a makeup cosmetic that reflects light and brightens the skin.

Setting Powder (त्वचा-श्रृंगार को यथास्थिति में बनाये रखने वाले उत्पाद)

The setting powder is used to conceal discoloration, blemishes, and to keep the makeup in place for a longer time.

Eyeshadow (पलकों को आकर्षक बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The eyeshadow is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows to make them attractive and noticeable.

Eyeliner (आँखों के चारों तरफ रूपरेखा बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The eyeliner is applied around the eye contours to make the eyes attractive. It creates various effects and makes the eyes noticeable.

Eyebrow Products (भौं आकर्षक बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The eyebrow products are used to make eyebrows attractive. Eyebrow tattooing, Hair removal, and Micro-blending products are mainly used to make the eyebrows attractive.

Lipstick (होठों को आकर्षक बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The lipstick is applied to the lips in order to change their color, complexion, or texture. Some lipsticks also contain moisturizers that provide both color and hydration to the lips.

Makeup Remover (त्वचा से श्रृंगार साफ़ करने वाले उत्पाद)

It is generally a combination of liquids, wet wipes, etc. The makeup remover products are used to clean makeup from the skin at ease.

Concealer (मुँहासे, काले धब्बे आदि छिपाने के लिए उपयोग होने वाले उत्पाद)

The concealer products are used to conceal acne, dark spots, micro-wrinkles, etc. It also provides a uniform complexion to the skin.

Bronzer (त्वचा का रंग पीला, बादामी बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The bronzer is applied to the skin to give a tanned or bronze appearance. The bronzer also enhances skin color.

Face Primer (चेहरे की त्वचा साफ़ करने वाले उत्पाद)

The face primer is used to clean the face skin before makeup is applied. It creates a smooth and even surface for makeup.

Makeup Brush (श्रृंगार रंग, चूर्ण लगाने वाला ब्रश)

The makeup brush is a tool that is used to apply makeup colors, powders to the skin.

Lipgel (होठों पर लगायी जाने वाली जेल)

The lip gel is a semi-solid mixture of moisturizing agents. It provides a glossy look to the lips.

Mascara (पलकों के बालों को आकर्षक बनाने वाले उत्पाद)

The mascara is applied to the eyelashes in order to darken, thicken, or enhance them.