Basic Products For Table Tennis Sport

Table tennis sport is played by two opposing players on a table using a ball and paddles (rackets). Here, we have listed all the basic products for table tennis sport.

Table (टेबल टेनिस खेलने के लिए उपयोग होने वाली मेज)

The table used for table tennis sport consists of a flat top surface that is placed on top of four pylons. Its top surface is a smaller version of a tennis court. It is used to play table tennis.

Ball (गेंद)

It is a circular object (appx. 40mm in diameter) usually made of lightweight plastic. It is used in combination with paddles to play table tennis.

Paddle (बल्ला)

A paddle (racket) consists of a flat oval-shaped head that is attached to a handle. It is used to strike the ball.

Net (जाल)

The net is a woven fabric with larger spaces between the yarns. It is used as a middle line on the table to separate the player's section.

Paddle Cover (बल्ला ढकने का कवर)

It is a cover that is made of leather or fabric in a paddle shape. It is used to protect the paddle from dust, debris, and weather.

Towel (तौलिया)

It is a soft rectangular fabric that is used to wipe the sweat.

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल)

The water bottle is used to store water and rehydrate the body while playing table tennis.