Basic Plants For Gardening

There are a lot of gardening plants available in the market. But choosing the right plant according to the environment is the key to a thriving garden. Here we have listed basic but effective garden plants that would make your garden look more beautiful.
You can also choose the plants from your local nursery according to your environmental conditions.

Essential Plants For Garden

Grass (घास)
Hedge Plants (हैज/मेंड़बंदी के पौधे)
Flower Plants (फूल वाले पौधे)
Shrubs (झाड़ियाँ)

Other useful plants for garden

Fruit Plants (फल वाले पौधे)
Screen Plants (एकांतता दीवार बनाने वाले पौधे)
Canopy Trees (ऊँचे छायादार पेड़)

Grass (घास)

The grass is used in lawns to make beautiful landscapes. 
Basic All Weather Grass:
Scutch grass (दूब घास)
The scutch grass in the most common grass for lawns. It has commonly known as "Cynodon Dactylon", "Doob", "Bermuda Grass". If you water it properly then it can easily tolerate 0°C to 55°C. It also withstands snowfall.

Hedge Plants (हैज/मेंड़बंदी के पौधे)

The hedge plants are used at the border of the garden to make a green wall.
Basic All Weather Hedge:
1. Inerme (अनर्मी)
The Inerme plant also known as Clerodendrum Inerme. It is an all-weather evergreen hedge plant. It needs full sun exposure and proper watering.
2. Murraya (कढ़ी पत्ता)
Although Murray plant is a flowering plant. But it is also used for hedging. It is a very tuff plant that can withstand rough weather and doesn't require much watering. Its leaves are used as a spice in various Indian cuisines. 

Flower Plants (फूल वाले पौधे)

The flower plants make our garden look beautiful and smell nice.
Basic Flower Plants:
1. Rose (गुलाब)
The rose is a common garden plant. They are grown for their beauty and fragrant. 
2. Dahlia (डेहलिया)
Although the Dahlia plant is a flowering plant and looks elegant and beautiful. But majority of its species don't produce scented flowers. 

Shrubs (झाड़ियाँ)

The shrubs give our garden a bushy and green look.
Basic Shrub Plants:
1. Lemon Grass
The lemon grass also know as Cymbopogon is a bushy plant. It requires moisture to grow well. Its leaves are used in medicines and tea.  
2. Cypress
Although the cypress plants are mostly grown in cold areas. But there are many species that can grow in warm and hot areas. 

Fruit Plants (फल वाले पौधे)

The fruit plants provide fruits and also make your garden beautiful. 
Basic Fruit Plants:
1. Apple (सेब)
2. Banana (केला)
3. Mango (आम)
4. Guava (अमरूद)
5. Lemon (नींबू)

Screen Plants (एकांतता दीवार बनाने वाले पौधे)

The screen plants are used for privacy and they also make the garden look beautiful.
Basic Screen Plants:
1. Ficus
The ficus plants have many varieties and are very tough plants. They easily withstand cold and hot areas.
2. Cypress
The cypress plant is a bushy plant but there are many varieties that can grow very tall and provide a good privacy screen.

Canopy Trees (ऊँचे छायादार पेड़)

The canopy trees are mostly grown in large gardens. These trees can grow up to 70 - 80 feet in height.
Basic Canopy Trees: All the following plants can withstand rough environmental conditions.
1. Pine Tree (देवदार)
The pine trees are evergreen trees and mostly grown in cold areas.
2. Cottonwood (पॉप्लर)
The cottonwood trees are also known as "Populus", "Poplar". There are many varieties of poplar trees. They can grow in cold, hot, and warm areas.
3. Eucalyptus (सफेदा)
The eucalyptus trees are also known as "Gum Tree", "Safeda". They are good canopy trees. Their shade is not too dense and not too light. They can grow in warm, hot, and cold areas.