Basic Furniture And Appliances For Office

For those who work from home or looking forward to start work from home. Basic furniture and appliances would play a major role to work comfortably. Here we have listed basic but very useful products for office/home office.

Chair (कुर्सी)

The office chair is designed to use in an office. It is designed for long sitting and working comfortably. 

Table (मेज)

The table has a flat work surface at the top and one or more legs at the bottom.

Guest Chair (अथिति कुर्सी)

A guest chair is for guests sitting. It is used for short time conversations in the office.

Bookshelf (किताबों की अलमारी)

A bookshelf is a useful furniture item. It is used to store files, books, documents, and other office items.

Clock (दीवार पर टांगने वाली घडी)

A clock is an essential item for the office. It indicates time.

Laptop/Desktop (छोटे संगड़क की मेज)

The desktop is a personal computer while the laptop is a small notebook or portable personal computer.

Printer (कागज पर छपाई करने की मशीन)

The printer is used to print text and images. It is an essential and very useful office item.

Air Conditioner (वातानुकूलक)

The air conditioner is necessary for offices in hot and humid areas. It makes a comfortable environment inside the room.

Room Heater (कमरा गर्म करने की मशीन)

The room heater is necessary for winter and cold areas. It converts electrical energy into heat to provide warmth in the winter season.

Coffee maker (कॉफ़ी बनाने की मशीन)

The coffee maker is a coffee brewing machine. It is a useful item for short coffee breaks during long working hours.  

Table Lamp (मेज पर रखने वाली प्रकाश-युक्ति)

The table lamp is designed to use on the table. It converts electrical energy into light.

Book Reading Stand (किताब पढ़ने का स्टैंड)

The book reading stand helps to maintain body posture while reading for a long time. It helps to avoid neck pain.

Electric Insect Killer (विधुत कीटवधक)

The electric insect killer kills flying insects and maintains cleanliness inside the house. 

Hot Water Bottle (सिकाई की बोतल)

The hot water bottle is designed to hold hot water inside and provide warmth to the outside, while in bed.

Indoor Plants (कमरे में रखने वाले पौधे)

The indoor plants helps to maintain good quality air inside the room.

Air Purifier (वायुशोधक)

The air purifier removes contaminants from the air inside the room and improves indoor air quality.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster (तरंगदैर्ध्य विस्तारक युक्ति)

It is an electronic device that is used to extend the wifi range by rebroadcasting existing signals.