Basic Stationery Products And Supplies For Office

Either you work in an organization, work from home or you have a business office. There are some basic office stationery items and supplies that are necessary and useful for work. We have listed very useful and effective stationery and supply items for the office.

Essential Stationery and Supplies For Office

Pen (कलम)
Glue Stick (गोंद)

Pen (कलम)

A pen is a drawing, writing tool. It uses quick-dry ink to mark on the paper. 

Pencil (तुलिका)

The pencil consists of wood and graphite. It is used to draw, write, or mark on the paper.

Eraser (तुलिका के चिह्न मिटाने वाली रबर)

An eraser is used to remove marks (mainly pencil marks) from the paper.

Sharpener (तुलिका को छीलकर लिखाई के लिए उपयुक्त बनाने वाला उपकरण)

A sharpener is a tool that is used to shave off wooden portion of the pencil and shapes the graphite.

Correction Tape (लेखदोष संशोधन टेप)

The correction tape is used to correct mistakes during writing, marking. It is an alternative to correction fluid.

Marker Pen (श्वेतपट्ट पर लिखाई करने वाली कलम)

A marker pen is a writing, drawing tool. It is used to mark, draw on the whiteboard, and on the paper.

Permanent Marker Pen (स्थायी चिह्न लगाने वाली कलम)

The permanent marker pen is used to write, draw or mark on paper, CD-DVDs, wood, metal, etc. It uses permanent ink and its marks cannot be removed.

Paper Cutter Knife (कागज़ काटने का चाकू)

A paper cutter knife is a tool that is used to cut paper in desired shapes and sizes.

Stapler Pins (कागज समूह को बाँधने वाले उपकरण का तार)

The stapler pins are made up of metal that are in the "C" shape. They are used in staplers.

Paper Punch (कागज छिद्रक उपकरण)

The paper punch is a mechanical device that is used to make holes in the sheets of paper. The main purpose of making holes is to collect the sheets in a binder.

Stationery Scissor (कागज़ काटने की कैंची)

The stationery scissor is mainly used to cut the pape in desired shape and size.

Paper Pins (कागज़ को सूचनापट्ट पर टांगने वाली सुई)

A paper pin has a head and a sharp metal tip meant to pierce soft materials. It is mainly used to hang the paper sheet on the notice board.

Paper Clips (कागज़ समूह को बाँधने वाली चिमटियाँ)

A paper clip is used to hold multiple pages together. It is made up of steel wire in a looped shape.

Binder Clips (कागज़ समूह को बाँधने वाली दबाव अनिवार्य चिमटियाँ)

A binder clip is used to hold multiple sheets of paper together. It is easy and quick to remove and it leaves the paper intact.

Paper Fasteners (कागज़ समूह को बाँधने वाली सुइयाँ)

A paper fastener is a split pin that is used to tie or secure multiple sheets of pager together.

Glue Stick (गोंद)

A glue stick is an adhesive in a solid form contained in a tube. It helps to keep the fingers clean.

Clipboard (कागज़ को रोककर रखने वाला पटल)

The clipboard is a flat board with a clip at its top. It is used to hold sheets of paper.

A4 Paper (A४ कागज)

The A4 paper is used for writing, drawing, or printing purposes.

Notepad (लेखन उपयुक्त छोटे कागजों का समूह)

It is a pad of paper. It is used to write down thoughts, ideas, notes.

Notebook (लेखन उपयुक्त कागजों का समूह)

A notebook consists of pages of paper. The pages can be plain or ruled. It is used to write down, memoranda, ideas, etc.

Sticky Notes (चिपकनयुक्त छोटे कागज़)

The sticky notes are pieces of paper with mild adhesive on top. Sticky notes are used to write down important points and stick them to board, wall, etc.

Laptop Cleaner (छोटे संगड़क की सफाई के उपकरणों का समूह)

The laptop cleaner is a liquid that is used to clean stains, dust from a laptop surface.

Mechanical Pencil (यांत्रिक तुलिका)

The mechanical pencil uses graphite leads to write and push it forward automatically while writing.

Eraser Holder (तुलिका के चिह्न मिटाने वाली रबरयुक्त कलम)

The eraser holder is also known as eraser pen. It has a sliding mechanism to push eraser lead forward. It is used to erase pencil marks.

Calculator (गडक)

The calculator is an electronic device. It is used to calculate mathematical operations and equations.

15cm Scale (१५ सेंटीमीटर का पैमाना)

It is a measuring and line drawing tool. It is used to measure straight lines or to draw them. 

Rubberband (वस्तुओं को बाँधने वाली खींचावदार रबर)

A rubber band is a ring-shaped rubber. It is used to tie multiple objects together.

Envelopes (लिफाफे)

Envelopes are mainly used for packaging flat objects such as a card or letter. An envelope is made up of flat, thin material.

Calendar (पंचांग)

A calendar is a chart of days, organized for social, administrative or commercial purposes.

Paper Tape (कागज चिपकाने वाली चिपकनयुक्त पिन्नी)

The paper tape is also known as masking tape is used to bond two things together.

A4 Folder (A४ कागज रखने का थैला)

It is used to store, collect A4 size sheets of paper.

Soft Drinks (पेय)

Soft drinks are normally used to refresh yourself after long hours of working.

Coffee (कॉफ़ी)

It is a brewed beverage made from coffee beans.