Basic Accessories For A Man

Most of the men's accessories are wearable items. They are designed to contribute to a man's outfit. Some accessories such as watches, socks are designed for a purpose, while others like a necktie, pocket squares are designed for fashion wear. Here you can find a list of basic accessories for a man.

Wallet (बटुआ)

A wallet is a flat small case, usually made from leather. It is used to store small personal items such as credit/debit cards, ID cards, Currency, Photographs, etc. 

Watch (घड़ी)

A watch is a small timepiece that indicates time. It is designed to be carried in a pocket or worn on the wrist.

Sunglasses (धूप का चश्मा)

The sunglasses are protective eyewear. They prevent eyes from bright sunlight and high energy lights.

Handkerchief (रूमाल)

The handkerchief is a small, thin piece of fabric. It is normally square in shape, designed to be carried in the pocket or handbag.

Cap (टोपी)

A cap is a headwear with a very close fit to the head. They are mainly of two types, summer caps, and winter caps. Explore our "Men's Cap" section.

Belt (कमर पेटी)

A belt is a flexible strap with a buckle. It is worn around the waist. It is mainly used to hold up trousers. 

Socks (मौजे)

The socks are pieces of fabric designed to be worn on the feet. They are normally worn inside the shoes and boots. Explore our "Men's Socks" section.

Hat (टोप)

A hat is used for the head covering. It can be used to protect the head against weather or for other reasons such as ceremonial. Explore our "Men's Hats" section.

Necktie (गलाबन्द)

A necktie is a long piece of cloth worn around the neck by men. It's fashion wear.

Bowtie (गुलुबन्द)

A bowtie is also a necktie with a shoelace knot (also known as a bow knot). It is a ribbon of fabric that is tied in a symmetrical manner with two loops.

Scarf (दुपट्टा, अंगोछा)

A scarf is a piece of cloth worn around the neck or head. It is normally used to wear for warmth, fashion, or protection against the sun. Explore our "Men's Scarf" section. 

Bracelet (कंगन)

A bracelet is worn around the wrist. It is an ornament, a piece of jewelry, worn for fashion or for a purpose such as medical or identity information marked on it.

Pocket Square (कोट की जेब में रखा जाने वाला रुमाल)

A pocket square is a piece of fabric that is placed inside the left pocket of a jacket with a small visible portion. It is normally made from silk, linen, or cotton. 

Suspenders (पतलून रोकने का पट्टा)

The suspenders are piece of fabric or straps that are worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers.

Leather Jacket (चमड़े की जाखट)

A leather jacket is made up of leather and worn to get warmth in winter. Explore our "Men's Jackets" section to get the best quality leather jacket.

Gloves (दस्ताने)

The gloves are designed to protect the whole hand against winter, sun, dust, etc. It is a piece of garment that has separate openings for each finger and the thumb. Explore our "Men's Gloves" section.

Face Mask (नाक व् मुँह ढ़कने वाला कपड़ा)

A face mask is a piece of fabric that is used to cover the nose and mouth. It is used to protect our body against environmental viruses.
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