Basic Products For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport full of challenges and rewards. It is used to explore new places by climbing up, down, or across natural rocks. Here, we have listed all the basic products for rock climbing.

Rope (रस्सी)

A climbing rope consists of a core and an outer sheath of woven fibers. It is a very durable rope that can easily withstand the climber's weight and rough use.

Harness (सुरक्षा पट्टियाँ)

A harness is a combination of straps (usually two hip straps and one belt strap) that are worn around the hips and pelvis. It is used to connect the climber to the climbing rope.

Carabiner ("D" आकार वाला हुक)

It is a "D" shaped metallic loop with a spring-loaded gate. It is used as a connector that connects the harness and the climbing rope.

Quick Draws (एक पट्टी से जुड़े दो "D" आकार वाले हुक)

It is a combination of two carabiners that are attached together with a loop of webbing. It is used to connect the climbing rope to bolt anchors.

Belay System (यांत्रिक घर्षण यंत्र)

It is a mechanical device that consists of a loop of wire and mechanical brakes. It is used to control the rope and lock it in case of a climber's fall.

Sling (बुनी हुई बद्धी का घेरा)

A sling is a sewn loop of webbing. It is generally used to wrap around a solid object such as rock, anchor extension, etc.

Nuts (तार से जुड़ा धातु का छोटा खंड)

A nut is usually a small solid piece of metal attached to a wire loop. It is used to make an anchor point by wedging it into the rock cracks.

Camming Devices (धुरी से जुड़े हुए साँचे)

A camming device usually consists of a handle, an axel, and three cams. It is used to make an anchor point in the rock.

Ice Axe (बर्फ-कुल्हाड़ी)

An ice axe consists of a long straight handle and a curved hook with a pointed tip. It is used in both ascend and descend on the ice rock.

Crampons (जूतों में पहने जाने वाले धातु के दाँतेदार ढाँचे)

It is a serrated frame that can be attached to the shoes. It is used to improve grip on the ice surface during climbing.

Helmet (सुरक्षा-टोप)

A helmet is bowl-shaped solid headwear with an adjustable strap. It is used to protect the head from smaller rocks (falling from the above during climbing).

Climbing Shoes (पहाड़ चढ़ने वाले जूते)

Climbing shoes are low-ankle footwears that usually consist of a smooth, sticky outsole and a close fit lacing system. These shoes provide a better grip on the rocks in comparison to normal shoes.

Chalk Bag (श्वेत-चूर्ण थैला)

It is a small "U" shaped bag with an open top. It consists of a waistband that is used to attach it to the back of a climber. It is used to hold chalk powder during rock climbing.

Chalk (श्वेत चूर्ण)

It is a soft white powder that is generally used to absorb moisture on the hands during rock climbing.

Haul Bag (सामान ढोने वाला थैला)

It is usually a "U" shaped long bag. It is a durable bag that is used to carry climbing equipment.

Sports Clothing (खेल-कूद वस्त्र)

Sports clothing is a set of garments that are specifically designed for sports activity. Explore "Basic clothing for sports".

Hexes (पतले अंतिम भाग वाला षट्भुजाकार खोखला घनक्षेत्र)

It is usually a hollow hexagonal prism with tapered ends. It is used to make an anchor point in the rock.

Tricams (पट्टे से बंधा एलुमिनियम का हुकनुमा टुकड़ा)

It is an aluminum block that is attached with a cord or webbing. It is used to make an anchor point in the rock. It grips the rock tighter as the climber pulls the cord.

Gear Sling (चढ़ाई के उपकरणों को छाती पर टाँगने के लिए उपयोग होने वाला पट्टा)

It is a cord or loop of webbing that can be tied around the chest. It is used to hold climbing equipment while climbing a long wall.

Figure 8 Descenders ("8" आकार वाला हुक)

It is usually an "8" shaped device. It is used in descending on a rope at ease.

Tape (पट्टा)

It is generally a nylon webbing that helps to prevent minor injuries. It is used to bind fingers or wrists.

Belay Gloves (रस्सी चढ़ने-उतरने में उपयोग होने वाले दस्ताने)

The belay gloves are durable and friction-resistant gloves that are used to withstand belay friction during rock climbing.

Camping Equipment (शिविर-उपकरण)

The camping equipment is used in rock climbing if a climber is going for a multi-day climbing trip. Explore all the "Camping Equipment".