Products for Solo-Camping

Solo-Camping is a unique way of experiencing nature in the jungle, mountains, deserts or in any other area, by going alone. In this case, you need to carry all the camping gear and food supply alone i.e. it's harder than camping with your friends and family. But it doesn't mean you need to be downhearted to experience nature if you don't have friends or family. Proper camping gear can make it a lot easier for you to go on the solo-camping trip. A list of essential items is described below which would definitely help you to overcome solo-camping challenges.

Essential Items for Your Camping Kit

tentTent (Double Layer) (तम्बू)
ponchoPoncho and Rain Paint (बरसाती)
slippersSlippers (चप्पल)
clothingClothing (as per season) (शरीर पर पहनने वाले कपडे, मौसम के अनुसार)
utensilsUtensils (बर्तन)

Rucksack Bag (यात्रा के लिए उपयोग होने वाला थैला)

A rucksack bag is used to organize all the camping items in one place. For 1-2 days, a 50-60 Liter rucksack would be enough and for 5-10 days, a 70-80 Liter rucksack would be enough to hold all your camping items.

Sleeping Bag (सोने के लिए उपयोग किया जाने वाला थैला)

A sleeping bag is used to sleep during a cold night. It is an insulated cover to keep the body warm.  

Tent (तम्बू)

A tent is a shelter that is used to sleep at night. It protects us from rain, wind, etc. 

Mattress (पतला गद्दा)

A mattress is a sleeping pad. It can be insulated or without insulation. A lightweight mattress is a necessity for any camping trip. 

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल ७५० मिलीलीटर)

The water bottle is a necessary item for a camping trip. 750ml water bottle is ideal for camping trips.

Water Bag (पानी रखने का थैला ५ लीटर)

The water bag is a useful item as it would store water for cooking, drinking, and washing purposes.

Medical Kit (दवाईयों के समूह का थैला)

The medical kit is used to organize all the required medicines in one place. A medical kit would help you in case of minor injuries or accidents. 

Toiletry Kit (स्नान करने के सामान रखने का थैला)

The toiletry kit is a bag that is used to organize toiletry products. It is a necessary item for solo-travelers. Check out our articles on men's toiletry kit and women's toiletry kit.

Poncho and Rain Paint (बरसाती)

The poncho and rain paint protects us from rain. It is a necessary item for trekking in a monsoon or rainy area.  

Rain Cover for Rucksack (यात्रा करने वाले थैले की बरसाती)

The Rain cover is used to protect the rucksack from rain, water splashes, and dust.

Hiking shoes, Boots (पर्वतारोहण के जूते, जूत)

The hiking, trekking shoes/boots are rough and tuff shoes. These shoes are meant to withstand the harsh environment. Check out our men's boots and women's boots catalogue.

Slippers (चप्पल)

The slippers are a useful item for camping trips. It helps to relax the feet after a long trek.

Clothing (शरीर पर पहनने वाले कपडे, मौसम के अनुसार)

Clothing items can be T-shirts (2), Shirts (2), Convertible pants (2), Warm Gloves (1-Pair), Warm cap (1), Top Fleece, Warm base layer (1-Pair), Down Jacket (-5 to -10°C). This clothing is ideal for a 5-10 days camping trip. Check out Men's clothing, Women's clothing, and "Clothing items for camping". 

Cookware Set (खाना बनाने के उपकरणों का समूह)

The cookware is used to cook the food, boil the water during camping.

Utensils (बर्तन)

Utensils are used to cook and eat food. It can be a spoon or a combo of a fork and a spoon.

Food Supply (Ready to Eat) (डिब्बाबंद तैयार खाना)

The ready to eat meals are field rations in a self-contained container. But you can use OATS, Energy Bars, SATTU, Knorr soups as well for meals.

Swiss Army Knife (बहुआयामी चाकू, कैंची, आरी, इत्यादि का समूह)

The Swiss Army Knife is a multi-tool. It can be used for sewing, cutting, bottle opening, food can opening. This is a very useful tool for every trekker.

Head Lamp (सर पर लगाई जाने वाली प्रकाश करने वाली युक्ति)

The Head-Lamp is a source of light. It has a headband and can be easily worn around the head. It is helpful during night walking. 

Fire Starter (आग जलाने वाला उपकरण)

The fire starter is used to ignite the fire. It doesn't require any fuel to start the fire. It is better than matches or lighter for camping trips. 

Wood Axe (कुल्हाड़ी)

The wood axe is used to cut the branches of a tree, wood in order to start the fire and cook food.

Trekking Stick (पहाड़ी रास्तों पर काम आने वाली छड़ी)

The trekking stick provides a little extra support while trekking. It helps a lot on the uneven surface of the mountain. 

Cooking Stove (खाना बनाने का छोटा चूल्हा)

The cooking stove is used to cook food during camping. It requires gas as a fuel and provides flames for cooking, boiling water.

Gas Canister (गैस के पात्र, चूल्हे के लिए)

The gas canister contains fuel for the stove. 1-2 gas canisters would be enough for solo camping.

Hiking Knife (पर्वतारोहण वाला चाकू)

A hiking knife is a useful tool in the jungle. It can cut small diameter branches of wood, can be used as a self-defense tool in the jungle.

Wood Saw (आरी)

The wood saw is a cutting tool. It is used to cut tree branches, woodblocks, etc. It is a good alternative to a wood axe.

Camping Chair (सुविधाजनक कुर्सी)

The camping chair is a lightweight chair. It can be easily folded and unfolded. It provides comfort and helps you to enjoy the sceneries in a comfortable way.

Down Slippers (गर्म चप्पल)

The down slippers are made of warm down feathers. These are used for warmth and comfort after a long hike.
Recommended brands: Columbia, The North Face, Marmot, Rab

Note: Your backpack weight with all the necessary items should not exceed 18 kg for a comfortable hiking, trekking, camping experience!