Products to build women’s toiletry kit for home and travel

A Toiletry kit is a bag that is used to store/organize items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving foam, razor, wax strips, body trimmer, face wash, wet stripes, body lotion, loofah, etc in one place. This kit is helpful for traveling purposes and even at home.

Essential items for women's toiletry kit

women's toiletry bagToiletry Bag (स्नानघर के सामन रखने का थैला)
Tooth Brush (दाँतों का ब्रश)
Tooth Paste (दाँतों का मंजन)
Trimmer, Epilator (शरीर के बाल काटने की मशीन)
Shaving Foam (बालों पर लगाने वाला फोम)
Razor (उस्तरा)
Liquid Soap (शरीर साफ़ करने वाला तरल साबुन)
Face Wash (चेहरे साफ़ करने वाला साबुन)
  Wet Stripes (गीली पट्टियाँ)
Nail Cutter (नाखून काटने वाला उपकरण)

Items that can be part of women's toiletry kit

Hand Sanitiser (हाथ साफ़ करने वाला तरल)
Ear Buds (कान साफ़ करने वाली डंडियाँ)
wax stip Wax Stripes (शरीर के बाल उखाड़ने वाली पट्टियाँ)
hair-remover Hair Remover (शरीर के बाल साफ़ करने वाली लेई)

Toiletry bag (स्नानघर के सामन रखने का थैला)

A toiletry bag is used to store many items in one place. So we can easily access them at any time. 

Tooth Brush (दाँतों का ब्रश)

Toothbrush consists of soft bristles attached at the end of a handle. It is used to clean the tooth.

Tooth Paste (दाँतों का मंजन)

Toothpaste is a thick paste that is used to clean teeth.

Bikini Trimmer (शरीर के बाल काटने की मशीन)

Bikini waxing is a painful experience. To avoid this bikini trimmers are the best option.

Epilator (शरीर के बाल उखाड़ने की मशीन)

Body waxing can be painful for those who have thick body hair. Even waxing on thin hair is not a painless experience. Epilators and trimmers are the best option to avoid that pain. Shaving can be done after trimming the hair for a clean look.

Shaving Foam and razor (बालों पर लगाने वाला फोम तथा उस्तरा)

For shaving purposes, shaving foam is an ideal choice instead of using bath soap.

Liquid Soap (शरीर साफ़ करने वाला तरल साबुन)

Liquid soap with a loofah is a perfect combination to cleanse your body thoroughly. Normal soap can't clean dead skin properly, loofah does the job for you. So it's a great combination.

Face wash (चेहरे साफ़ करने वाला साबुन)

The face wash is an essential item because there is a lot of pollution in the air now a day. If you ride two wheelers or travel in autos then at the end of the day your face becomes dull and dusty. You need to cleanse the carbon contents from your face for refreshing looks.

Wet Stripes (गीली पट्टियाँ)

Wet wipes in a women's toiletry kit is a good option to wipe dusty face or to remove nail polish etc.

Nail cutter (नाखून काटने वाला उपकरण)

A nail cutter is very useful to maintain hygiene. If your nails are properly maintained then there are fewer chances to get ill.

Hand Sanitiser (हाथ साफ़ करने वाला तरल)

Hand sanitizer is a good thing you can have in your toiletry kit while traveling. If you run out of the water you can use this to cleanse your hands.

Ear cleaning buds (कान साफ़ करने वाली डंडियाँ)

Some people got more ear wax than others. For those, cotton cleaning buds play a vital role to clean the wax. So it's a good item to carry in your toiletry kit.

Wax Stripes (शरीर के बाल उखाड़ने वाली पट्टियाँ)

The wax stripes are the stripes with sticky material on them. They are used to pull the hair out from their roots. Wax stripes are the common hair removal method used by many women.

Hair Remover (शरीर के बाल साफ़ करने वाली लेई)

The hair removal cream is a painless method for removing hair from the body. It is a thick paste that can be applied on the hair and after 5-7 minutes you can remove it by a spatula.

Having a toiletry kit makes a women more organised in her lifestyle. Either you are a traveler or a housewife. it doesn't make any difference. You just wake up and having every essential item of your daily routine right beside you makes you feel lighthearted and ready for anything. You feel a bit lighter when you have all your products you need in one kit rather than taking every item out of your traveling bag individually and after using them, putting them back into the bag.

Either you're a leader or a simple housewife, every woman love organized things and organizing things for her life. So make a more organized move towards your hygiene and build your personal kit.