Clothing Items For Camping

Clothing items for any sport should be light-weight, breathable, and quick dry. They should also be durable for rough use. Choosing clothes for camping isn't so easy nowadays. There are lots of clothing types available in the market. You can find leggings, base layer, compressible jackets, hard-core cotton canvas clothes, and many other types of clothes. But for camping purposes, we should consider light-weight, quick-dry, and highly breathable fabric only. We should divide our clothing into layers for camping, mostly into three layers as follows:
1. The first layer or Baselayer: Baselayers are tights, leggings, or normal undergarments we wear every day. We should consider a warm base layer for the winter season.
2. The second layer or Middle layer: Second layer clothing consists of shirts, T-shirts, Pants, Pajamas. The clothes in the second layer come over baselayer clothes. For winter season go for warm shirts, Pants, Pajamas.
3. The third layer or Outer layer: As the name suggests the third layer is the outermost layer of clothes that are directly in contact with the environment. Jackets, Gloves, Caps, Socks are the common items of third layer clothing.
We have listed below some essential clothing items for camping and clothing items that can be part of your camping kit.

Essential Clothing Items for Camping

Clothing Items that can be part of Camping kit

Warm Gloves (1-Pair) (गर्म दस्ताने)
warm glovesWaterproof Gloves (1-Pair) (जलरोधक दस्ताने)
Warm Socks (2-Pair) (गर्म मौजे)

T-shirts (टी-शर्ट)

The T-shirts are top-wear clothing. Normally, it has a round neckline and short sleeves. T-shirts are mostly worn in summer.

Shirts (शर्ट)

The shirt is an upper-body garment. Normally, it has a collar neckline and buttons at the front. Shirts are mostly worn by men because of their classical appearance.

Convertible Pants (परिवर्तनीय पैंट्स)

The convertible pants are a bottom-wear garment. It is a pant that can be converted into shorts. The lower part (from the knee downwards) of the pants is attached to the upper part with a zipper which can easily be removed. 

Down Jacket (सिकुड़ सकने वाली जाखट)

The down jackets are puffer jackets. They are filled with down feathers which are highly compressible and lightweight. These are very good jackets for camping purposes. You can explore our men's jackets and women's jackets catalog.

Gloves (दस्ताने)

A pair of summer gloves should be with you while camping. It can help your fingers not to get dirty.

Socks (मौजे)

For camping purposes, we should consider 2-3 pairs of plain socks. They would be easy to wash and dry in case of sweat and smell. Explore our men's socks and women's socks catalog. It covers all-purpose socks.

Summer Cap (गर्मियों की टोपी)

The summer cap helps you to enjoy outdoor activities. Explore our men's caps and women's caps catalog for the best summer caps.

Woolen Cap (सर्दियों की टोपी)

The woolen cap protects you from cold and helps you to enjoy outdoor activities in winter. Explore our men's caps and women's caps catalog for the winter season.

Men's Vest/Tanks (बनयान)

The men's vest is an upper-body garment. It is a sleeveless garment usually worn under the shirt. Explore our men's vest catalog to find the best quality vests.

Men's Underwear (नर अधोवस्र)

The men's underwear is a bottom-wear garment. It is usually worn under the pants. Explore our best men's underwear catalog.

Women's Bra (अंतः स्तन वस्त्र)

The Women's bra is an upper-body garment. It provides support to the breasts. Explore our women's bra catalog to find the best bras.

Women's Panties (नारी अधोवस्र)

The Women's panties are bottom-wear garments. Explore our women's panties catalog to find the best panties and boyshorts.

Leggings (चुस्त पजामी)

Leggings are known as a baselayer. It is an elastic close-fitting garment and a type of leg covering. You can find best men's leggings and women's leggings in our catalog.

Fleece Jacket (मुलायम जाखट)

Fleece are made from soft polyester. It is a warm and cozy fabric. It is lightweight clothing and feels great.

Warm Baselayer (गर्म अंतः कपडे)

Warm baselayer are used as an innerwear or first layer in winters. You can explore warm baselayers for men and women in our men's base layer and women's baselayer catalog.

Warm Gloves (गर्म दस्ताने)

Warm gloves are mostly used in cold areas or in winter. If you are camping in cold weather, you should take at least 1-pair of warm gloves. Explore our men's gloves and women's gloves catalog which lists gloves for both summer and winter season. 

Waterproof Gloves (जलरोधक दस्ताने)

Waterproof gloves are very helpful if you are camping in a rain forest or in snow areas. Explore waterproof gloves in our men's gloves and women's gloves catalog. 

Warm Socks (गर्म मौजे)

Warm socks should be considered in case you are camping in cold or snow areas. It protects your feet from getting cold and helps you in sub 0°C temperatures. Explore our men's socks and women's socks catalog. It lists all season socks.