Organize Camping Products in a rucksack Bag

If you are going for multi-day camping, hiking trip then there might be 12 -16 essential items you may require for your trip. If you place them in an unorganized way, chances are your camping trip might become a hectic experience. So organizing your items would play a major role in your trip, especially if you are a solo hiker, trekker. Here are some steps to organize your backpack efficiently.

Steps to Organize Your Rucksack Efficiently

  1. Place yoursleeping bagsleeping bag inside at the bottom of your rucksack rucksack bag.
  2. Put yourclothingclothing in pouches on top of your sleeping bag.
  3. Put your toiletry kit 2 toiletry kit on top of your clothing.
  4. Put yourcookware setcookware set on top of your toiletry kit.
  5. If you would use an mattress inflatable mattress for your trip, then put it on top or a side of your cookware set.
  6. Put your food supply food supply on very top inside your rucksack bag.
  7. Put yourmadical kitmedical kit in one of the side pockets of your rucksack.
  8. Put your poncho poncho and rain paint in the other side pocket of your rucksack.
  9. If you are taking foam mattress for your trip, then tie it at the side of your rucksack.
  10. Tie your trekking stick trekking sticks at the side of your rucksack.
  11. Place your trekking stick water bottle in the side net pocket of your rucksack.
  12. Tie yourtenttent outside at the bottom of your rucksack. If the length of the tent is more than the width of your rucksack bag then tie it vertically at the side of your rucksack.