Basic Products For Tennis Sport

Tennis sport is played with racket and ball by two opposing people on a rectangular court. Here, we have listed all the basic products for tennis sport.

Racket (बल्ला)

A racket consists of an elliptical head (weaved with plastic wire) that is attached to a handle. It is used to hit the tennis ball.

Ball (गेंद)

A tennis ball consists of a rubber bladder (filled with air) uniformly covered with the felt. It is used to play tennis on the court.

Net (जाल)

It is a fabric that is weaved with larger spaces between the yarns. It is used on the court (as a middle line for opposing players).

Poles (स्तंभ)

A pole is a long cylindrical object that is used to tie the net on the tennis court.

Grip (बल्ले पर लगायी जाने वाली पट्टी)

It is a long piece of a strap with a non-slippery surface. It is used to tie around the racket handle to provide a better grip.

Wristband (कलाई पट्टा)

It is a piece of fabric or a hollow cylindrical cloth that is worn around the wrist. It is used to absorb sweat from the forehead.

Tennis Shoes (टेनिस खेलने के जूते)

Tennis shoes are usually low ankle shoes with a flat and rugged outsole. These are designed to deal with the rough surface of the tennis court.

Headband (सर पर बाँधने वाली पट्टी)

It is a piece of cloth or a circular strap of cloth. It is worn around the head to absorb sweat while playing tennis.

Water Bottle (पानी की बोतल)

A water bottle is a small handheld water reservoir that is used to store water.

Towel (तौलिया)

A towel is usually a rectangular soft cloth. It is used to wipe sweat while playing tennis.

First Aid Kit (प्राथमिक चिकित्सा उत्पादों का समूह)

It is a small handheld box or bag that is used to carry medicines to treat minor injuries. Explore "basic products for medical kit".

Tennis Bag (टेनिस का सामान रखने वाला थैला)

A tennis bag is used to store and carry tennis equipment.