Products to build medical kit

Either you are a bachelor, do travelling, camping, hiking or even a family person. A personal medical kit is a necessary item, you should have with you, all the time. There are some common items that should be part of every medical kit other than your specific medicines.

Essential items for your medical kit

medical kit pouchMedical Kit Pouch (दवाइयाँ रखने का थैला)
bandagesBandages (पट्टियाँ)
cottonCotton (रुई)
dressing tapeDressing Tape (पट्टी पर चिपकाने वाली टेप)
antiseptic creamAntiseptic Cream (रोगाणुरोधक दवाई)
pain killer tabletsPain Killer Tablets (दर्द मिटाने की गोलियाँ)
diarrhea tabletsDiarrhea Tablets (दस्त रोकने की गोलियाँ)
gastric tabletsGastric Tablets (वात ठीक करने की गोलियाँ)
fever tabletsFever Tablets (बुखार की गोलियाँ)
pills organizerPills Organizer (For your specific tablets) (गोलियाँ रखने का पात्र)

Items that can be part of your medical kit

Hand Sanitiser (हाथ साफ़ करने का तरल)
Ear Buds (कान साफ़ करने की डंडियाँ)

Medical Kit Pouch (दवाइयाँ रखने का थैला)

The medical kit pouch is a bag that is used to store many items in one place. It can be a watertight pouch or a normal fabric pouch. But it should be big enough to hold all your medical items. 

Bandages (पट्टियाँ)

Bandages are an essential item for your medical kit. If you face a small/minor cut, you just do the dressing and apply a bandage and you can recover from that injury with ease.  

Cotton (रुई)

Cotton is a great item, it absorbs and helps you to clean the infected area with ease. It can be used to apply antiseptic cream on the skin. You can cover the wound with cotton and Dressing Tape. 

Dressing Tape (पट्टी पर चिपकाने वाली टेप)

Dressing Tape is very important to fix the cotton, bandage on a particular area. It helps cotton to be fixed on the wound which makes healing faster and protects the wound from infection. Use water-resistant Dressing Tape to protect the wound from water splashes and dust.

Antiseptic Cream (रोगाणुरोधक दवाई)

Antiseptic cream is useful for minor injuries, scratches, rough skin cuts. It also helps to heal the wounds faster by preventing them from infection.

Pills Organizer (गोलियाँ रखने का पात्र)

Pills organizer is a small container box with partitions to organize your pills according to weekdays. It helps you to remember your all-day pills, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about your pills.

Hand Sanitiser (हाथ साफ़ करने का तरल)

Hand sanitizer is a good thing you can have in your toiletry kit while traveling. If you run out of the water you can use this to cleanse your hands.

Ear cleaning buds (कान साफ़ करने की डंडियाँ)

Some people got more ear wax than others. For those, cotton cleaning buds play a vital role to clean the wax. So it's a good item to carry in your toiletry kit.