Basic Products For Locksmith

A locksmith is a person who makes and repairs locks and keys. A variety of tools are required by a locksmith to work with locks and keys. Here, we have listed all the basic products for locksmiths.

Circlip Pliers (सरक्लिप प्लास)

Circlip pliers are also known as "snap-ring pliers". It consists of two jaws pivoted together. The end part of jaws is formed to aid in assembly, removal, or maneuvering parts of locks.

Lock Picks (धातु की पतली पट्टियाँ)

A lock pick is a specific tool for a specific lock. It helps to pick a specific lock at ease. It is also called a "scope tool". Types of lock picks:
1. Safe picks
2. Tublar lock picks
3. Vehicle lock picks
4. Jigglers

Key Extractors (टूटी चाबी को ताले से बाहर निकालने वाले उपकरण)

A key extractor is a thin-shaped tool. It is used to remove broken parts of a key out from a lock.

Formed End Tweezers (विशेष चोंच वाली चिमटियाँ)

The formed end tweezers consist of two thin solid strips, attached together at one end. The ends of these strips are formed and allow to pick small pins at ease.

Tension Tools (ताले पर खिंचाव बनाने वाले उपकरण)

The tension tools are used to create tension when picking a lock. The tension tool helps to insert picking tools into the lock and keeping the picked pins in place.

Key Hooks (तार से बने हुक)

A key hook is a solid wire formed in a hook shape. It is used to hold blanks in place.

Snapper Tool (ताले के सिलिंडर को कमजोर करने वाले उपकरण)

A snapper tool is also known as a puller tool. It is used to weaken lock cylinders to open locks.

Hand Punches and Stamps (धातु में छेद करने तथा मोहर लगाने वाले उपकरण)

A hand punch is used to make holes in a lock. A stamp is used to mark a specific logo or name on lock cylinders, lock body, etc.

Laser Key Cutter (लेज़र द्वारा चाबी में खाँचे काटने वाली मशीन)

It is a milling machine. It is used to cut keys (simple, barrel, dimple, etc.). It can also cut duplicate keys at the same time.

Key Decoder (खाँचेदार धातु की समतल पट्टी)

It is generally a piece of metal strip (square or rectangular) with multiple grooves. It allows the locksmith to cut keys at various depths and spacing.

Drill Machine (धातु में छेद करने वाली मशीन)

It is an electric-powered machine. It is used to drive drill holes in the locks and keys.

Safety Gloves (सुरक्षा दस्ताने)

It is a piece of fabric worn on the hands. It protects the hands from sharp tools, dirt and provides a better grip on tools.

Safety Goggles (सुरक्षा चश्मा)

It is used to protect eyes from metal particulates while drilling or cutting locks or keys.

Rekeying Tools (ताले की पिन बदलने में उपयोग होने वाले उपकरण)

A rekeying tool can be a pin or cylinder. It is used in combination with a decoder or other tools to replace lock pins or cylinders.

Follower Tools (ताले के यांत्रिक भागों को घुमाने व खिसकाने वाले उपकरण)

A follower tool is a cylindrical rod with grooves at the front. It is used to rotate or slide mechanical parts of a lock.

Impressioning Tools (ताले की पिनों में परिवर्तन करने वाले उपकरण)

It consists of a thin Allen key and a holder (to hold Allen key). It fits comfortably in hand. It is used for wafer locks or pin-tumbler locks to work with their pins.

Head Lamp (सर पर लगायी जा सकने वाली प्रकाश युक्ति)

A headlamp is a battery-powered light that can be tied to the head. It is used to light up the work area.