Basic Products For Motorcycle Sport

Motorcycle sport consists of various events such as racing, rally, speedway, trials, etc. It requires motorcycles that are specifically designed for events and some personal gear. Here, we have listed basic products that can be used in most motorcycle events.

Motorcycle (मोटरसाइकिल)

A motorcycle is usually a two-wheeled motor vehicle. You have to choose your motorcycle as per motorcycle events such as rallies, racing, trials, etc.

Helmet (सुरक्षा-टोप)

A helmet is a safety headwear. It is used to protect the rider's head in case of motorcycle accidents.

Boots (जूत)

The motorcycle boots are high-ankle safety footwear. These are used to protect the feet during riding, racing, or in case of an accident.

Gloves (दस्ताने)

The motorcycle gloves are safety handwear. These are used to protect the palm and fingers and also provide a better grip on the motorcycle handle.

Jackets (जाखट)

The motorcycle jackets are generally safety bodywear. It consists of a chest armour, a back armour, elbow armour, and shoulder armour.
Types of Motorcycle Jackets:
Riding Jacket
Rain Jacket
Riding Jacket
Rain Jacket

Pants (पतलून)

The motorcycle pants are usually safety bottom wear. It consists of two knee armours and crus armours.
Types of Motorcycle Pants:
Riding Pant
Rain Pant
Riding Pant
Rain Pant

Communicators (सूचना प्रसारण युक्ति)

A communicator is an electronic device. It is generally used in racing or rally events to communicate with the riders.

Camera (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहिता युक्ति)

A camera is an electronic device. It is used to capture images or record videos during motorcycle riding.

Tools (उपकरण)

The motorcycle tools are a combination of screwdrivers, wrenches, electronic tools, etc. These are used to repair or change motorcycle parts, tires, etc. Explore our metalworking tools and electronics tools.

Tires (टायर)

A tire is a circular piece of rubber. It is used to cover the rim of a wheel.

Back Protector (कमर सुरक्षा कवच)

A back protector is a safety guard that is used to protect the rider's back in case of an accident.

Chest Protector (छाती सुरक्षा कवच)

It is a safety guard that is used to protect the rider's chest in case of an accident.

Suits (सूट)

The motorcycle-riding suits are made of durable material and consist of the chest, back, knees, elbow, and shoulder armour. These are used in racing, rallies, and other motorcycle events.

Baselayers (अंतः कपड़े)

The baselayers are innerwear garments. These are used to protect the rider's body from friction (created by protective wear during riding).
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Engine Oils (इंजन में उपयोग होने वाले तरल)

Engine oil is usually a synthetic lubricant that is used to minimize friction between engine components while riding the motorcycle.

Chains (जंजीर)

A motorcycle chain is a series of connected links. It is used to drive the rear wheel of a motorcycle by connecting it to the engine.

Cleaners (सफाई करने में उपयोग होने वाले तरल)

A motorcycle cleaner is usually a synthetic soap that is used to remove stains, sticky debris, etc. Explore all the basic products for bike cleaning.

Polish (चिकनाहट)

It is a type of wax that is applied to the motorcycle body to create a shiny surface.

Coolant (इंजन ठंडा करने वाले तरल)

A coolant is a type of synthetic liquid that is used to regulate engine temperature.