Basic Products For Yoga

Yoga is a practice of mental and physical exercises. Pranayams and Asanas (a part of regular yoga exercises) are done to maintain mental and physical health. Here, we have listed all the basic products for yoga exercise.

Other useful products for yoga

Yoga Mat (योग-चटाई)

A yoga mat is a flexible rectangular object. It consists of a non-slippery surface that is used to place on the floor and to do yoga-asana practice.

Foam Block (ठोस द्र्व्यशोषक टुकड़ा)

A foam block is also known as yoga brick. It is usually made of rubber, wood, or cork. It is used as a supporting brick in yoga-asana practice.

Knee and Wrist Pad  (घुटना व् कलाई सुरक्षा-पट्ट)

It is usually a flat block of rubber or foam. It is used to support sensitive knees and wrists while practicing yoga.