Basic Products For Baseball Sport

Baseball sport is played with bat and ball by two opposing teams. It requires some specific products especially for a batter and a catcher. Here, we have listed all the basic products for baseball sport.

Baseball Bat (बेसबॉल बल्ला)

A baseball bat is a solid cylindrical object. It is generally made of wood. It is used to hit the baseball.

Baseball (बेसबॉल)

A baseball is a round object. It generally consists of a rubberized core that is wrapped by yarn layers and covered with a leather outer coat.

Baseball Gloves (बेसबॉल दस्ताने)

Baseball gloves are generally made of leather and consist of webbing between the first finger and the thumb. These are used by the fielder to catch the baseball with ease.

Batting Gloves (बैटिंग दस्ताने)

Batting gloves are usually thick, protective gloves. These are used to reduce shocks when hitting the baseball and for better grip on the baseball bat.

Batting Helmet (बैटिंग सुरक्षा टोप)

A batting helmet is protective headwear, generally made of strong plastic. It is mainly worn by a batter to protect the head and the ear.

Protective Cup (जननांग सुरक्षा टोप)

It is a cup-shaped object, generally made of impact-resistant plastic. It is used to protect genital organs.

Catcher's Gear (कैचर के सुरक्षा उत्पाद)

It is a group of protective body wears (chest and back protector, leg protector, helmet, etc.). These are generally worn by a catcher to eliminate baseball impact.

Baseball Shoes (बेसबॉल खेलने के जूते)

Baseball shoes usually consist of an enhanced-fit lacing system and a toe cap. These shoes can have spikes on their outsoles or can have a flat outsole.

Baseball Cap (बेसबॉल टोपी)

It generally consists of a curved front hood and a bowl-shaped fabric with an adjustable back strap. It is used to provide shade to the eyes and the head.

Baseball Pants (बेसबॉल पतलून)

Baseball pants usually consist of elastic at the bottom. These are used to cover legs completely but the player can also pull them up to show his/her socks color (used to represent a team).

Sunglasses (धूप का चश्मा)

Sunglasses consist of two shaded lenses. These are used to protect eyes from bright sunlight.

Baseball Doughnut (बेसबॉल बल्ले पर लगाने वाला छल्ला)

It is a solid ring that can fit at the end part of a baseball bat. It is generally used to increase bat speed.