Basic Products For Cycling Sport

Cycling sport is an activity that requires a bicycle (a pedal-driven vehicle). It is also a combination of events such as racing, triathlon, etc. Here, we have listed all the basic products for cycling sport.

Bicycle (साइकिल)

A bicycle is a human-powered vehicle. It consists of two wheels, a frame, a handle, and pedals. It is used to cover distances faster than walking or in sports (such as racing, triathlon, etc).
Types of Bicycle:
Road Bicycle
Mountain Bicycle
Road Bicycle
Mountain Bicycle

Cycling Shoes (साइकिल चलाने के जूते)

Cycling shoes are generally low-ankle shoes. These shoes consist of a metallic frame at the bottom of their outsoles. These shoes are used for safe pedaling.

Water Bag (कमर पर टाँगने वाला पानी का थैला)

It is a water reservoir backpack. It is used to carry water and rehydrate the body while cycling.

Mobile Armband (मोबाइल को हाथ पर टाँगने वाला पट्टा)

It is usually a mobile phone pouch with an adjustable strap. It is used to secure a mobile phone around the biceps while cycling.

Earphone (कानों में लगायी जाने वाली धवनिप्रसारण युक्ति)

Earphones are a pair of earbuds that are usually connected with a wire. The earphones are used to listen to music while cycling.