Basic Products For Running Sport

Running is the fast motion of legs. Running sport is an activity that is used to lose weight, cover distances at fast speed, or maintain overall health. Here, we have listed all the basic products for running sport.

Running Shoes (दौड़ लगाने के जूते)

Running shoes are generally low-ankle, lightweight shoes. These shoes consist of very few threads at their outsoles. These are very flexible and comfortable shoes.

Water Bag (कमर पर टाँगने वाला पानी का थैला)

It is a backpack with a water reservoir. It is used to store water and rehydrate the body while running.

Mobile Armband (मोबाइल को हाथ पर टाँगने वाला पट्टा)

It consists of a mobile phone pouch and a flexible strap. It is used to tie a mobile phone around the biceps while running.

Earphone (कानों में लगायी जाने वाली धवनिप्रसारण युक्ति)

It is an electronic device that consists of two earbuds. It is used to listen to music while running.

Headlamp (सर पर बाँधने वाली प्रकाश युक्ति)

It is a source of light that can be tied around the head. It is a helpful device while running in the wild areas or at night.