Basic Products For Self-defense

Self-defense is an act of defending ourselves from a considerable threat. The thread can be a person or an animal. Here, we have listed all the basic products for self-defense. 

Pepper Spray (मिर्ची युक्त तरल)

It is a device that contains a liquid (mixed with pepper). The liquid is generally made of capsicum but can be made of red pepper, black pepper. It creates inflammation when sprayed in attackers' eyes.

Baton (छड़ी)

It is a solid cylindrical object, made of wood, metal, or plastic. There are various types of the baton (such as telescopic baton, baton stun gun, etc).

Flashlight (तीव्र रोशनी वाली युक्ति)

It is a handheld battery-operated light. It has a solid body and consists of a high-beam bulb. Its high beam can disorient an attacker while its solid body can be used to punch.

Shemagh Scarf (गुलूबंद)

It is a piece of cotton cloth. It is generally used to tie around the neck. It can also be used to defend ourselves. Just put a stone in the middle, twist it and if you swing it, it'll act as a weapon.

Baseball Bat (बेसबॉल खेलने वाला बल्ला)

It is a sold cylindrical, straight bat. It is used in a baseball game to strike the ball thrown by the pitcher. It can be used to strike the attacker and defend ourselves.

Mobile Phone (श्रावित्र)

It is an electronic device, used for voice transmission. It can be used to call the police or relatives in case of an emergency.

Stun Gun (बेहोश कर सकने वाली बंदूक)

A stun gun is generally an electric shock gun. It is a non-lethal weapon. It is used to disable the attacker (for a while) by giving the attacker an electric shock.

Knife (चाकू)

A knife is a handheld cutting tool. It can be used for self-defense. It is a lethal weapon. There are various types of knives available (such as kitchen knives, jungle knives, etc.).

Keychain Weapon (चाबी के छल्ले वाला शस्त्र)

It is a small keychain size tool (appx 6inches in length). It can be a small knife, Kubota, or any sharp edge tool. Most of the keychain weapons are lethal weapons.