Basic Products For Wildlife Photography And Videography

Wildlife photography or videography is a method to create images or moving images of wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlife photography or videography is a bit different from other photography genres. It is adventurous and requires some preparation to encounter wildlife. Here we have listed all the essential products for wildlife photography and videography.

Digital Camera (अंकीय छायाचित्र गृहीता युक्ति)

A digital camera captures the light using electronic sensors. It stores captured images in digital memory.

Video Camera (चलचित्र गृहीता युक्ति)

The video camera creates moving images and stores them either in digital memory or on a chemical film.

Camera Lens (छायाचित्र गृहीता युक्ति के शीशे)

The camera lenses are used in combination with the camera body to focus on objects, zoom-in/zoom-out objects, and helps to create refined images.

Memory Card (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र संग्रहिता युक्ति)

The memory card is used to store images, moving images captured by the camera.

Tripod (तीन पैरों वाला स्टैंड)

A tripod has three legs and it is used to hold the camera body in place.

Camera Bag (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहीता युक्ति को रखने वाला थैला)

The camera bag has specific pockets for the camera and its accessories. It is used to keep all the photography, videography equipment in one place.

Waterproof Boots (जलरोधी जूत, जूते)

The waterproof boots are necessary for wildlife photography. They would protect the feet from rain, mud, and debris. Check out our "Men's Boots" section for waterproof boots.

Anti-Leech Socks (लीचरोधी मौजे)

The anti-leech socks protect legs and feet from the leech. It is a must-have item if you are going into a leech prone area for photography.

Seasonal Clothing (शरीर पर पहनने वाले कपड़े, मौसम के अनुसार)

Choose your clothing as per season. You should have proper clothing for the rainy season, winter season to experience wildlife photography to its fullest. Check out our "Men's Section" and "Women's Section" for clothing. If you are planning to stay in the jungle then check out our "Clothing items for camping".

Jungle Knife (जंगल में उपयोगी चाकू)

The jungle knife is also called a survival knife. It can be used to cut the woods, start the fire, or to protect ourselves from wild animals.

Gimbal (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहीता युक्ति को स्थिर रखने वाला उपकरण)

The gimbal is a stand that provides support to the camera and allows it's rotation about an axis. It prevents the camera from unwanted movements.

Flash Diffuser (प्रकाश युक्ति की चमक कम करने वाला उपकरण)

The flash diffuser is used to get the soft light by diffusing the bright light.

Small Tripod (छोटा तीन पैरों वाला स्टैंड)

It is a stand with three legs. It is used to hold the camera on a desk, ground, etc. and prevents the shaky movements.

Backup Batteries (पुर्तिकारक बैटरी)

Backup batteries provide power to the camera in case the battery inside the camera gets empty.

Solar Charger (सौर ऊर्जा से बैटरी चार्ज करने वाला उपकरण)

The solar charger is an electronic device that converts solar energy into electricity. Solar chargers are helpful for wildlife photography to charge camera batteries, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

Camping Products (कैंपिंग उत्पाद)

If you are going for a long tour and you have to stay in the jungle for more than one night then you should carry some camping gear. Check out all the necessary "Camping Products".

Medical Kit (औषधि थैला)

Either you go solo or in a group for wildlife photography. A medical kit is a necessity. You can check our article on "Products to build Medical Kit" to build your own medical kit.

Rifle (राइफल)

A rifle is a long-barrelled weapon. It is helpful to protect ourselves from wild animals.