Basic Accessories For Mobile Phone

Mobile phone accessories can be earphones, selfie-sticks, chargers, etc. All these accessories are used for specific purposes. Here, we have listed all the essential accessories for a mobile phone. 

Charger (फोन की बैटरी चार्ज करने वाली युक्ति)

A charger is a device. It is used to charge the mobile phone battery. It uses the A.C. power supply as input and converts it into the D.C. power supply to charge the phone.

Earphones (कानों में लगायी जाने वाली ध्वनिप्रसारण युक्ति)

It is a sound transmission cable with two ear speakers and a microphone. It is used to listen to music, watch movies, or to call others.

Back Cover (फोन के पीछे लगाने वाला कवर)

A back cover is used to protect the backside of the mobile phone from scratches, dirt, etc.

Screen Protector (चलचित्र पट्ट रक्षक)

A screen protector is used to protect the screen from dirt, scratches, etc.

Selfie Stick (स्व-चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहीता युक्ति)

A selfie stick is a foldable stick with control buttons. It helps to capture self-images using a mobile phone.

Camera Lens (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहीता फोन के शीशे)

It is an attachment lens used with the camera of a mobile phone. It helps to zoom in or zoom out an object, situated at a distance from a mobile phone.

Memory Card (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र संग्रहिता युक्ति)

It is an electronic storage card. It is used inside the mobile phone to store images, videos, and other types of data.

Gimbal (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र गृहीता फोन को स्थिर रखने वाला उपकरण)

It is a stand that provides stability to the mobile camera while recording videos or capturing images. It is used to minimize hand swaying effects on the mobile camera.

Car Charger (कार में फ़ोन चार्ज करने वाला उपकरण)

It is used to charge mobile phones using the car's power supply. It uses the D.C. power supply as input and transfers it to the mobile phone to charge the battery.

Phone Mount (फोन रखने का स्टैंड)

It is used to hold the mobile phone on the windshield or dashboard of a car, on the handlebar of a bike or bicycle, etc.

Bluetooth Speaker (ब्लूटूथ ध्वनि-विस्तारक यंत्र)

It is an electronic device that can connect to a mobile phone wirelessly. It uses Bluetooth signals to pair with a mobile phone. It is used to listen to music, watch movies, etc.

Game Controller (अंकीय खेल नियंत्रण युक्ति)

It is an electronic controller device. It is used in combination with a mobile phone to play games.

Charging Station (तार रहित फोन चार्ज करने का पट्ट)

It is a wireless charging pad. It is used to charge mobile phones wirelessly. It only charges mobile phones or other android, ios devices that support wireless charging.

Standing Case (फोन को एक कोण पर खड़ा रखने का आवरण)

A standing case is used to put the phone on a surface at an angle to watch the screen at ease.