Basic Accessories For Motorcycle/Bike

Bike accessories are parts, bags, lights, etc. These accessories are used for a purpose or to contribute to the bike's beauty. All the essential bike accessories are listed below. These accessories would definitely help you for long drives. 

Helmet Lock (हेलमेट ताला)

The helmet lock is used to attach the helmet to the bike. It is an anti-theft device that protects the helmet.

Fog Light (धुंध में उपयोग होने वाली प्रकाश युक्ति)

The fog light is used in foggy weather to increase visibility in front of the bike. It emits high-intensity light that helps the rider to drive in the fog.

Phone Mount (फोन रखने का स्टैंड)

A phone mount is a stand. It is used to hold mobile phones at the handlebar of the bike.

Saddlebags (मोटरसाइकिल के पीछे लगाये जाने वाले थैले)

The saddlebags are cargo bags that can be attached to both sides at the back of the bike.

Air Filter (वायु नियंत्रक)

An air filter is a breathable device that is used to separate dust, debris, pollutants, and solid particles from the air. Although every bike consists of an air filter. But one should use a high-performance air filter for long touring.

Leg Guard (पैर रक्षक)

It is a heavy-duty metallic frame that can be attached to the bike chassis. It is used in heavy bikes to protect the rider's leg from the heated engine (In case the bike falls in an accident).

GPS Tracker (उपग्रह खोजी यंत्र)

It is a device that is used to locate or find the current location of the bike.

Bike Cover (मोटरसाइकिल ढकने वाला कपड़ा)

A bike cover is a piece of textile in the shape of a bike. It protects the bike from dust, rain, and sun rays.

Windscreen (वायुरोधक पारदर्शी पटल)

It is an aerodynamic transparent sheet of glass. It is used to protect the rider from debris and high-velocity air while driving at high speed.

Tank Bag (टंकी पर लगाया जाने वाला थैला)

A tank bag is a small bag that can be attached to the top of the tank. It is used to store bike papers, eatables, and other useful stuff for long drives.

Action Camera (कार्यवाहक चलचित्र गृहीता युक्ति)

It is a camera that can be attached to the handlebar of the bike. It is used to record ongoing actions and events in front of the bike.

GPS Navigator (उपग्रह नाविक)

It is a navigation device that uses GPS satellites to find the route for the rider. It displays the route on a digital map.

Camera/GPS Mount (चलचित्र युक्ति/उपग्रह नाविक रखने का स्टैंड)

It is a stand used to hold an action camera, GPS Navigator, or other electronic devices. It can be attached to the handlebar of the bike.