Basic Products For Electronics Work

Electronics work is used to repair electronics or to build a prototype circuit using electronic components. Electronics work requires some specific tools and instruments to build or repair electronic items. Here, we have listed all the basic products for electronics work.

Screwdrivers (पेचकस)

It is a set of precision screwdrivers. A screwdriver is a straight handheld tool with a "+", "-", hexagonal, octagonal-shaped bottom. It is used to drive screws.

Needle Nose Plier (पतली चोंच वाला प्लास)

It is a handheld tool with two thin and long jaws. It is used to hold, remove, or place electronic components.

Tweezers (चिमटी)

Tweezers are a pair of thin strips. The strips are attached together at one end. It is used to place, hold, or remove electronic components.

Crimping Plier (तार छीलने वाला प्लास)

A crimping plier is a handheld tool. It consists of two jaws with multiple grooves. The jaws are pivoted together with handles. It is used to strip insulation of wires.

Soldering Iron (टाँके लगाने वाला उपकरण)

It is an electrically powered handheld tool. It supplies heat to join two electronic components.

Soldering Wire (टाँके लगाने के लिए उपयोग होने वाला तार)

It is alloy wire. It melts rapidly with heat. It is used in combination with a soldering iron to fill the joints of two electronic components.

Multimeter (विद्युत धारा, दबाव नापने का यंत्र)

A multimeter is an instrument. It is used to measure electric current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, etc.

D.C. Power Supply (D.C. विद्युत वितरण युक्ति)

It is an electronic device. It converts the A.C. power supply to the D.C. power supply. The D.C. power supply is used to test electronic circuits.

Glue Gun (गोंद लगाने वाला उपकरण)

A glue gun is an electrically powered instrument. It uses solid glue sticks and melts them down to glue electronic components together.

Alligator Wire (दाँतेदार चिमटी युक्त तार)

It is a wire that consists of two serrated clips at its ends. It is used to create a temporary connection between two electronic components.

PCB (प्लास्टिक परिपथ पटल)

A PCB can be a plastic circuit board or a printed circuit board. A plastic circuit board is a simple piece of plastic board with multiple holes while a printed circuit board consists of a pre-designed pattern of conductive wires. A PCB is used to support electronic components and make a circuit using electronic components.

Electronic Components (इलेक्ट्रॉनिक अवयव)

An electronic component is a small, mini, or micro-physical entity that affects the flow of electrons. Explore "Common types of electronic components".

Soldering Stand (टाँके लगाने वाले उपकरण को रखने वाला स्टैंड)

It is a small stand with a flat base and a spiral loop. It is used to hold hot soldering iron during work.

Magnifying Glass (आवर्धक शीशा)

It is a handheld tool that consists of a convex lens. It is used to magnify or enlarge images of electronic components.

Power Extension Board (विद्युत वितरण पटल)

It consists of a board with multiple plugs, switches, and a long wire. It is used to supply electricity from wall-mounted plugs to the working area.

Heat Gun (गर्म हवा उत्पन्न करने वाला उपकरण)

It is an electrically powered instrument. It generates hot air at a temperature between 100°c and 500°c. It is used to shrink "heat shrink tubes", dry wet circuits, etc.

Wire Organizer (तारों को व्यवस्थित करने वाला उत्पाद)

It is usually a piece of fabric (a strap). It is used to tie multiple wires together. It helps to keep the workplace tidy.

Heat Shrink Tubes (उच्च ताप पर सिकुड़ने वाली नलिकाएँ)

A heat shrink tube is a hollow cylindrical tube. It shrinks with heat and is used to insulate wire joints.

Safety Gloves (सुरक्षा दस्ताने)

It is a piece of fabric that protects hands from hot soldering iron, heat gun, electric shock, etc.