Basic Products To Build Crypto Mining Rig

A Crypto mining rig is a server that provides computational resources for the validation of crypto transactions. To build a mining rig, Here we have listed all the essential components. 

Motherboard (मदरबोर्ड)

It is a plastic circuit board (PCB) or the main circuit board of a computer. It controls all the communication between all the components of a computer.

RAM (रैम)

A RAM is a random access memory. It is a volatile memory of the computer, which means data would be lost once the computer is turned off.

Hard Disk (डाटा संग्रहिता युक्ति)

A hard disk is a data storage unit. It is the non-volatile memory of the computer, which means data can be accessed without electrical power.

Processor (प्रोसेसर)

It is the mind of the computer. It is a digital circuit that performs complex operations.

Graphic Card (ग्राफ़िक कार्ड)

It is a powerful electronic circuit that rapidly manipulates an image memory buffer. The image memory buffer is used to display recently created images.

Keyboard (की-बोर्ड)

A keyboard consists of keys or electronic switches. It is an input device that allows a user to provide input to the computer.

Mouse (माउस)

It is an input device that detects the 2-Dimensional motion of the user's hand and changes the position of the digital cursor accordingly.

Monitor (चलचित्र-छायाचित्र युक्ति)

A monitor is a display screen. It displays information about various digital tasks performed inside the computer.

CPU Fan (संगड़क को ठंडा करने वाला पंखा)

A CPU fan is used to draw air inside the CPU cabinet to cool down the electronic circuit.

Power Supply (विद्युत-वितरक युक्ति)

It is a device that converts AC supply to DC supply and transfers the DC supply to all the electronic components of the computer.

Cabinet (अवयव रखने का बंद ढाँचा)

It is a closed frame used to cover and hold all the electronic components in place.

Mining Rig Frame (अवयव रखने का खुला हुआ ढाँचा)

It is an open frame that is used to hold all the electronic components in one place.

GPU Riser Cable (जीपीयू राईजर तार)

It is also known as a riser card. It is used to extend the GPU position inside the mining rig.

Water Cooling System (जल शीतलक प्रणाली)

It provides more effective and efficient way to cool down the mining rig.