Basic Products To Build E-Bicycle

E-bicycle is an electric bicycle. It is powered by an electric motor. It helps the rider to cover long distances at ease. Here er have listed all the components to build an e-bicycle. 

Bicycle (साइकिल)

A bicycle is a pedal driven vehicle that is used to commute from one place to another. You can choose any standard bicycle to build an e-bicycle.

Wheel Hub Motor (पहिए की धुरी पर लगने वाली मोटर)

A wheel hub motor is an electric motor that is built as a wheel hub. It directly drives the wheel.

Throttle (गति नियंत्रक)

A throttle is a speed controller. It is used to control the speed of the hub motor in an e-bike.

Controller (नियंत्रक प्रणाली)

A controller is an electronic circuit board. It is used to control all the components (Hub Motor, Battery, Charger, etc.) of the e-bicycle.

Battery (बैटरी)

A battery is a power bank. It consists of electrochemical cells that are used to store electrical power.

Battery Charger (बैटरी चार्जर)

A battery charger converts the AC power supply into a DC power supply. It puts the DC power into the battery cells.

Screwdriver (पेचकस)

It is a hand-held tool that is used to drive screws.

Pliers (प्लास)

It is a hand tool that is used to hold/drive screws, nuts, etc.

Pedal-Assist Motor (पैडल चलाने में सहयोग करने वाली मोटर)

It is an electric motor that helps the human in pedalling the bicycle. It can be a wheel hub motor or central hub motor. It drives the wheel when a person pedals and the wheel turns.

Speedometer (गतिसूचक)

A speedometer indicates the current speed of the vehicle.

Wire Stripper (तार छीलने वाला उपकरण)

A wire stripper is used to remove insulation from electrical wires.

Cable Ties (तारों को एक साथ बाँधने वाली पट्टियाँ)

A cable tie is used to bind and organize many electrical wires together.

Heat Shrink Tubes (ऊष्मा द्वारा सिकुड़ने वाली नलिकाएँ)

These are nylon tubes, used to cover wire joints. These tubes shrink when they come in contact with heat.

Lighter (अग्नि प्रवाहक)

A lighter is used to ignite the fire. It is used to shrink the nylon tubes over the joints.