Basic Stationery Products For Bachelors

Stationery products are necessary and useful products for bachelors. These are the tools that can help you plan out your ideas, refine the knowledge, and strengthen your approach. Here we have listed the basic stationery products that would help you to express and define your thoughts and ideas.

Essential Stationery Products for a Bachelor

Pen (कलम)

Pencil (तुलिका)

The pencil is used to write and draw. It has a painted wood body with solid pigment core (graphite). 

Sharpener (तुलिका को छीलकर लिखाई के लिए उपयुक्त बनाने वाला उपकरण)

The sharpener is used to sharpen the writing point of the pencil. It shaves off the wooden part and sharps the graphite point.

Pen (कलम)

A pen is a writing tool that uses ink to mark on the paper surface.

Marker Pen (श्वेतपट्ट पर लिखाई करने वाली कलम)

A marker pen is a writing, drawing tool. It is mostly used to write, draw on the whiteboard.

Permanent Marker Pen (स्थायी चिह्न लगाने वाली कलम)

A permanent marker pen is a writing, drawing tool. It is mostly used to write, draw on the CD-DVD, Metal, Wood, etc. it's ink is permanent.

Correction Pen (लेखदोष संशोधन कलम)

The correction pen is used to correct writing mistakes. It contains a white fluid that you can apply to the area you would like to correct.

Paper Cutter Knife (कागज़ काटने का चाकू)

The paper cutter knife is a softshell cutting tool. It is used for paper cutting, letter opening, and other stationery purposes.

15 cm Scale (१५ सेंटीमीटर का पैमाना)

The 15 cm scale is a measuring and line drawing tool. It is used to draw, measure straight lines.

Stapler (कागज समूह को तार द्वारा बांधने वाला उपकरण)

The stapler uses a thin metal staple and drives it through paper sheets to join them together.

Paper Punch (कागज छिद्रक उपकरण)

The paper punch is used to create holes in the paper sheets. These holes are helpful to collect multiple sheets in a binder or file.

Stationery Scissor (कागज़ काटने की कैंची)

The stationery scissors are mostly used to cut paper, documents, and other craft purposes.

A4 Paper (A४ कागज)

The A4 size paper is 210 × 297 mm. It is mostly used for printing, casual writing, drawing purposes.

Clipboard (कागज़ को रोककर रखने वाला पटल)

The clipboard is a flat board with a clip at the top of it. It is used to hold paper sheets in place.

Notepad (लेखन उपयुक्त छोटे कागजों का समूह)

The notepad is used to write down notes. It is a pad of paper.

Notebook (लेखन उपयुक्त कागजों का समूह)

The notebook is a collection of plain or ruled pages. It is used to write down notes, ideas, memoranda, etc.

pocket Diary (जेब में रखी जा सकने वाली दैनिकी)

The pocket diary is very useful to maintain discrete records of daily or weekly tasks.

Sticky Notes (चिपकनयुक्त छोटे कागज़)

The sticky note is a piece of paper with mild adhesive on top of it. It is used to bookmark important points and stick it to something.

Stationery Kit Bag (लेखन-सामग्री रखने का थैला)

The stationery kit bag is used to store all the necessary stationery items in one place. It helps to organize stationery items and their accessibility.

Calculator (गडक)

The calculator helps to calculate mathematical operations and equations. 

Mechanical Pencil (यांत्रिक तुलिका)

The mechanical pencil has a mechanism to push forward the graphite lead automatically while writing.

Paper Tape (कागज चिपकाने वाली चिपकनयुक्त पिन्नी)

The paper tape is used to seal, bond two things together. It is also known as masking tape. 

A4 File Folder (A४ कागज रखने का थैला)

The A4 file folder is used to store A4 size papers, files. 

File Storage Box (A४ कागज रखने के थैलों को रखने का पात्र)

The file storage box is used to store papers, documents, files in a box. The file storage box is helpful in storing and accessing significant files.