Basic Products For Metal Die Casting

Metal die casting is a process in which molten metal (iron, aluminum, gold, silver, etc.) is forced into a mold cavity. It is used to form metal in the desired shape and in large quantities. Here, we have listed all the basic products for metal die casting.

Furnace (भट्टी)

A furnace is a closed chamber. It is used to melt the metal using heat (powered by coal, wood, or gas).

Molten Metal Container (धातु पिघलाने में उपयोग होने वाला पात्र)

It is a container (usually made of ceramic) with an open top. It is used to contain metal and placed inside the furnace to melt the metal.

Tongs (चिमटा)

Tongs consist of a pair of metal rods pivoted together. It is used to hold objects. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

Anvil (निहाई)

It is a solid metal block with a flat top surface. It consists of a horn-shaped end. It is used to place and struck workpieces.

Hammer (हथौड़ा)

A hammer consists of a weighted head and a handle. It is used to strike on metal workpieces.

Files (रेत, घिसाई के उपकरण)

A file is a handheld straight tool with a textured surface. It is used to file edges or to smooth out the surface of workpieces.

Molds (साँचे)

A mold is a cavity made inside solid metal or soil. It is used to form molten metal into a fixed shape.

Wire Brush (तार का ब्रश)

A wire brush is made of solid steel, brass, or iron wire. It is used to rub the metal workpieces to remove unwanted debris, material, etc.

Hacksaw (धातु काटने वाली हाथ की आरी)

It consists of a toothed blade and a frame with a handle. It is used to cut metal.

Bench Vise (धातु पकड़ कर रखने वाला उपकरण)

It consists of a fixed jaw and a moving jaw. It is used to hold objects of different shapes and sizes.

Drill Machine (छेद करने वाली मशीन)

It is an electrical machine. It consists of an electrical motor that is used to drive drill bits. It is used to drill holes in metal, wood, concrete, etc.

Angle Grinder (धातु को घिसने में उपयोग होने वाली मशीन)

It is an electrical machine used to drive cutting or grinding wheels. It is used to file edges or smooth out the surface of the metal workpieces.

Carving Machine (नक्काशी करने में उपयोग होने वाली मशीन)

A carving machine consists of an electric motor. It is used to drive burr bits and drill bits at different RPMs. It is used to make designs or patterns on metal workpieces.

Safety Goggles (सुरक्षा चश्मा)

Safety goggles are used to protect eyes from debris, furnace heat, shattered metal, etc.

Safety Gloves (सुरक्षा दस्ताने)

Safety gloves are used to protect hands from hot metal, furnace heat, minor cuts, etc.